Rest or computer — it is necessary to choose

Mrs."Home and grandmother. They went to the spring Chenki in a sanatorium. Said, once improved their health — and all. In that year, drove themselves, and this year at home. The child was told that the training program is needed is a computer. Vacation or a computer — you should choose. "

Mr."Near Minsk in the camp. One month of the season — and everything. "

Mrs."This year, we somehow do not zarganizavalisya. At home with his mother sitting. Drove to St. Petersburg for a week just to see. A ticket to the camp in the resort could not take. "

Mrs."Whenever possible — the grandmother in the camp. In principle, in the Crimea could go. Oh, and then — Turkey, Canary Islands — it is difficult from a financial point of view. "

Mr."We have two children. We ought to Germany, Spain, Italy. Once everything fades Chernobyl topic. It is necessary to re-develop it — let the children go, look at the world. Plus — do not build ice rinks in which parents must leave pavzarobku to amuse children, and all the money to send children to the passes. "

Mrs."One — near Minsk, the second — in Chenki. Most have not yet obtained. It would be desirable, of course, the sea. "

Mr."Our kids are going home with us, because we are not so rich live somewhere that we fix them."

Mrs."The daughter of recently arrived from Minsk, the sanatorium -" Dawn "is called. She liked it there. Then — at home. There would be finances, happy and would go to Turkey and the Canary Islands, and the Bahamas. "

Mrs."So far the only exam passed. Going to go to Evpatoria sea for ten days. Very expensive — housing, food. Not that we used — for a month traveling. Now they are at least ten days of rest. "

Mrs."We — from Buda-Koshelevo. Once a year, children can improve their health. Middle of the school year the children went to Sochi. "

Mrs."The vouchers can be bought by — 600,000 rubles worth a ticket to the camp. The resort tours — through the clinic. In principle, you can rest. "Chenki", "Golden Sands" — we have a lot of resorts, vacation homes, camps near the town. "

Mrs."Unfortunately, at home. Funds are not sufficient to you wherever you may be corrected. "

Mrs."This is — the grandchildren, going out with my grandmother. Grandmother to work — they are one, my grandmother from work — they're with me. "


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