Rhizome Rod

Our embodiment in the manifest world — not that our lives, which we perceive as a certain linear sequence of events.

Being here in the phenomenal world (the world Reveal) is really determined by the image of Rod, the tree, the root of the rhizome, roots, who is only a thin twig on earlier branches. Moreover, each new branch (the root of the new branch) forms like its dimension, its tilt and bend the space in which new opportunities, new perspectives, new realities.

In fact, when we talk about the original Deity, which is called Rod, we need to see, visualize, understand what is really telling us that word.
In fact, it's hard to find a more precise naming its source — since Rod contains the image of the tree, and the meanings of the renewal of life, and the philosophy of the root, vertical branches, impersonal and personal and much more.

Rhode fundamentally Otherworldly model being probably perceived ancestors may those who now call gods, get down to the people.

It the level of abstract thinking, which foresaw the unfolding human rather like a multidimensional fractal, which ramifies in countless situations.

Such a model is seriously corrects and clarifies the essential set of basic questions — such as, say, predestination and free will, the uniqueness of the incarnation and countless reincarnations, morality, etc.
All these eternal questions, contrasting completely lose their sharpness of the question, as can easily be described as elements of the being of consciousness in the form of multi-dimensional tree (fractal) — Rod.

In this small article we will only outline the direction of thought.

It is important to understand that every accomplished choice generates branching, isolation, restriction.
But in fact, the true life reproduces the whole set of choices, the possible versions. Actually, the whole sum of experience and is a real life.

Rhizome Rod

Our limited personal attention is in the illusion that we have made a choice and sent to exist for a particular version of. For example, get a certain job. But this is only the branching — one of dozens of possible job and unemployment.

Our personal consciousness like a worm with a flashlight, which somehow crept one of the possible routes. It's funny that a worm thinks it's doing and is a manifestation of his free will.

But in general, the idea is absurd and wretched — like all the debates about predestination and free will.

After all, once we realize life as infinite and multidimensional branching rizomu, we understand that incarnation would be complete, realized only when will be investigated all possible combinations within the matrix of the original incarnation. This initial matrix least to some extent available to us as human natal chart. This astrological slice — the little that we can track the ordinary consciousness embodied person.

It is likely that a complex, hard aspected natal chart suggests an increasing number of non-integrated with each other roles — sub-personalities, and therefore an increasing number of contradictions — branching rhizomes — fractal fate.

Every accomplished choice in fact there is a transition to a certain layer of being, what is sometimes called parallel universes. In fact — there is no single parallel — they are countless — because each incarnation of one of the human consciousness involves the emergence of a very large number of universes.

What we often call the essence — that is, that our part that is not embodied, and looks for the realization of a personality — in fact, is the sum of attention, aimed at all branching personality that have been brought about by our branching-election.

In this sense, the choice does not matter — because every choice is a doubling of personal consciousness, not fix split except the so-called clinical situations split personality. This example is not a pure dichotomy. In principle, this multiplication of beingness as easy as operation "copy — paste" on our computers. No matter how many times this was done — the copy quality is not deteriorated, the universe, it is rather easy.

Each copy of — the person thinks that she made a choice — in fact, in another reality — the universe just appeared a copy of the opposite decision.

The entity that is immersed in the incarnation, so busy was to examine all the possible choices — without distinguishing between "good-bad", "good-evil", etc. Simply copy and paste them and see how they behave in a copy of the opposite decision.

It is clear that some of the copies dies in parallel universes is not true because the decisions, often develop actively, often sick and survives with difficulty — Essence important all versions — it keeps track of the emerging multi-dimensional drawing of a tree.
This model carries a lot of paradoxes — the answers — for example, the one that the more branches and possible experiments, the lower the subsequent elections in the next stages.

This is because all the individual connected among themselves in total Rod — dimensional tree and the experience of each branch is at the same time experience of the whole tree. This is what we sometimes call the ancestral memory, ancestral karma, etc.

In fact, at the time of birth in essence, is a multi-dimensional plan of the whole rhizome — fractal and in this sense the natal chart shows a total determinism incarnation.

For each branch — the copied personality remains an illusion of free will — because the person is confident in its uniqueness and is not aware of the choice itself as multiplication by the number of possible solutions.

Thus all branches grow from the same root, the nearest branch even somehow feel their potential other solutions (thought, in the spirit of "what if I'd done differently").
And just as importantly, as they gain experience in the branches of the rhizome, the essence becomes wiser in some way acknowledged by all persons-branches. Branching disappear because the person realize the absurdity of choice — separation because begin to see the integrity of life. Ultimately personality combined into one stream integrity, which is what is called liberation, enlightenment, etc.

It is important that the actual release is only capable of that essence, all of which the person came to the level of awareness of the principle of imaginary conflict — opposites.
Thus, it is Family structure is the base model of the incarnation and the liberation of consciousness.

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