Riyadh against Tehran

"Saudi Arabia is very concerned about the growing power of Iran" — an Israeli professional in the aviation industry Arie Egozi. In his view, "Ayr-Riyadh is doing everything possible to protect its oil resources and other strategic locations. " In Riyadh also do not exclude that in the event of deterioration of the situation in the Middle East, Iran bombed military installations and oil fields of the kingdom. Shiite Iran claims to occupy leadership positions in the Islamic world, which for centuries has Sunni SA, on the ground that are Mecca and Medina, the places sacred to every Muslim.

A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards Reza Kahlil, who fled to the United States, speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East, said of the former owners of their own plans to strike at Israel, the Gulf States and several European countries.

According to Kahl, who, apparently, was a CIA agent, the current Iranian regime, "messianic governed by considerations and is preparing to make the most strshnye suicide bombing in the history of mankind."

Quite evident that the SA and other Arabian monarchy cautiously watching over nuclear preparations Iranians. Moreover, specifically Riyadh, believing themselves the strongest Arabian state perceives and the primary responsibility for the defense of the peninsula. As the official news agency said the kingdom of Saudi Press Angency, Riyadh took a course on the development of its nuclear programs from. But just in case the title created by the modern industrial structure of the word "nuclear" will be omitted. The Saudis have previously dubbed the new facility by the Centre for Energy Development of King Abdullah. The development of nuclear programs from the same again caused terror on the part of Iran, but, of course, will contribute to the solution of problems and in the civilian sector. In Riyadh convinced that Washington was "not notice" the reincarnation of peaceful nuclear programs from the military.


Example of Saudis was infectious. Principality Gulf also showed intrigued by the development of nuclear technology. So, Kuwait in April of the year today signed an agreement with France to acquire nuclear technology and equipment. And in May, the Office of Nuclear Energy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that it starts building a nuclear facility, which will take seven years to build. Not left behind Egypt and Qatar, which also announced its own intention to develop nuclear technology and its proper infrastructure. Interest in nuclear technology exhibits and Syria. But Damascus is not afraid of their own circumstances ally of Tehran. And although, according to the Arabic saying goes, "love and hate are in one basket", though the Syrians want to get a club and show the first nuclear Israel. On the not so long conference held in Paris under the auspices of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria, Faisal Mekdad said his country was considering "ways of obtaining other energy sources, including nuclear." Israeli columnist Michael Freund blames Washington to develop "best criterion for the nuclear arms race in the Middle East, which threatens absolutely destabilize the already volatile region."

In itself a popular destination for local English newspaper The Jerusalem Post Freund wrote: "Such a gloomy scenario of events was likely due to Washington's failure to take decisive steps against the Iranian regime against its nuclear ambitions. This policy of inaction and waiting spent the administration of George W. Bush, while President Barack Obama today it has received additional justification and legitimacy. "


Despite the unwinding of the Saudis nuclear flywheel, they do not forgets about conventional weapons. SA pays increased attention to their Air Force, who remain among the strongest in the region. They own the improved system of early warning AWACS and significant number of the F-15. Not so long ago, Riyadh signed a contract with the American company Goodrich Corporation (GC), a leading provider of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industry to modernize its own 150 F-15 aircraft with an improved control system. The representative of the GC said that the modernization of the entire aerodynamics (ailerons, flaps, rudders and wings) Saudi flight technology will lead to parity of these machines with South American warplanes. Overlooking the London weekly magazine Jane's Defense said that the price of the contract is estimated at $ 50 million

Riyadh has also signed a contract with another U.S. company, Lockheed Martin (LM), the improvement of guidance systems for aircraft Sniper F-15s. John Rogers, head of program development for LM CA, just says: "Of course, the kingdom can not take Israeli weapons systems, which are considered the best in the world, from the manufacturer. Because these systems are Saudis purchased from us. " England signed a contract to sell the Saudis Riyadh 72 multirole fighter "Typhoon" with weapons and maintenance for a total of 32.9 billion. U.S. This park aircraft should change that part of the F-3 and F-15, which decided not to upgrade. According to the agreement, 24 fighter "Typhoon" will be produced in England, and presumably the other 48 will be collected at the plants in SA, which aims to make its military industry.

CA develops and improve your program from within which will increase the life of the fighter-bombers and precision equipment. Mustafa Alani, director of security research Applets and Terrorism Research Center of Dubai, said that the main impetus podvigshim Riyadh to upgrade its own air force was the need to prepare for a probable reflection of Iranian attack. "In a war with Iran will play a major role military aircraft and missile forces, — the Alani. — Because Riyadh has the ability to expand its own air force and the Saudi strategy is focused on joint actions with the Americans. "


Moreover, Jerusalem and Riyadh, knowing that nuclear Tehran does not specifically distinguish between Zionists and the "cradle of the Sunni", went to a secret rapprochement. According to the Times of London newspaper the Saudi authorities have granted Israeli aircraft air corridor for pre-emptive strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. The newspaper claims that the SA were secretly teaching, in which simulated a scenario with the lumen of the Israeli bombers in the northern region of the country. Potential targets in Iran are placed at a distance of 2.2 million km from the Jewish state. This distance can be overcome bombers provided air refueling, but with all this maneuvering ability will be severely limited.

Providing Saudis corridor Israelis significantly reduces the distance and immediately gives the freedom to maneuver aircraft. Israeli air attack objects first undergo nuclear facilities at Natanz, Qom, Arak and Isfahan. Bushehr reactor, being built by the Russian Federation, is likely to be attacked by the latter. It is possible that Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait will follow the CA and allow proparhat Israeli aircraft over their territory. Then Iran bude attacked from several directions. You can not go through and past statements by the UAE Ambassador to the U.S. Yousef al-Otayby, which, without resorting to diplomatic ornateness, spoke out q
uite exactly: "The use of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities Short term outweighs the loss of such a step."

Also, al-Otayba predicted departure "vulnerable Arabian monarchies of America when President Obama will not prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power." Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates will not give up in courage, for he resolutely continued his idea and referred to the country as the "little rich vulnerable countries" will join an unfavorable course of events. Naturally, it is not Israel, but … The same Iran. Yet the circle to the end and in this case is not closed, because Riyadh and Tehran will fight to the end.

"As the UK with Germany after the fall of France and other European countries — commented in an interview with me a statement of Ambassador Yousef al-Taiba, very indoctrinated diplomat one of the Arab states. Noteworthy that this salting own comment graduated as follows: "And in this case, Israel will play the role of Russia." And in this comparison was only a fraction of jokes. It is clear that without the go-ahead from Washington Jerusalem hardly dare to bomb Iran. Even more so in the "bundle" with Arab countries. And the Americans are preparing. At a military base in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean have been delivered languid smart bombs for the destruction of the fortified military installations. This air base has been used twice to attack Saddam Hussein's Iraq.


Attention is drawn to another fact. Riyadh has entered into a competition with Tehran and in technical research and innovation. Including in the military field. On the coming 5 years for the purpose kingdom allocates 400 billion. A fantastic amount of dollars! In SA eight institutions in which scientists are working with global names. International center of contemporary knowledge Tuval located on the peninsula, 80 kilometers from Jeddah, the royal summer residence on the Reddish Sea. The first students were already 314 people from 60 countries in the world. Teaching is in the British language. Rector of the institute became Backgrounds Shih Chun, who for 9 years as head of the National Institute of Singapore. Against the background of an open confrontation with Iran from a position of strength SA is trying to make their business better with the Syrian regime. Syria is ruled by "Alawite group" headed by Bashir Assad.

And it should be noted that alavizm — special religious movement in Islam, far Not all Islamic authorities considered "truly righteous." Relatively recently under pressure from a number of ayatollahs in Tehran deemed it "a branch of Shi'ism." But it looks like the Sunnis do not agree.

It is possible that Riyadh puts puzzle tear Damascus from Tehran. And at first militarily. The Saudis are ready to give Assad a lot of money on the sole condition — to break or at least cool things a bit crowded today with the Tehran regime. After Damascus Riyadh hopes to "tame" and the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group "Hezbollah". But the Saudis did not come out. Syria — the poor country and, of course, need the money. But getting them through the gap with Iran can not. The entire structure of political power and military relations Damascus tied to Tehran. Well, the Iranian "purse", though not that of the dimensionless, as in SA, is always open for a "hand of Damascus." What's all the same for the "Hezbollah", the organization is not a doll Damascus and Tehran. So in the confrontation of the SA and the Sunni world with Iran could be on account of themselves, the United States, to a lesser extent the UK and France. And again the same for Israel.

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