Roasted earth at the poles

Roasted earth at the polesOver the last decade, the Earth's atmosphere has warmed more than previously thought. Climate scientists have changed their views on the scope and pace of Global Warming after the data were obtained from meteorological observations in the Arctic, according to The Telegraph.

Materials of the University of East Anglia — one of the few sources of data on changes in global temperature. They reflect the results of the measurements from the end of XIX century. Recently, however, the credibility of this information has been undermined: in 2009, hackers broke into the servers of the University by publishing private correspondence of climate scientists. It turned out that they shared their experiences about how to correct meteorological data so that their reports were heard as threatening.

Following this incident, the skeptics argued that one can not trust any theories about global warming, because the facts of the temperature distorted. It appears, however, that the British climate scientists, trying to exaggerate the threat was not so far from the truth.

In the analysis of the land and sea temperatures are now included new data from weather stations in the Arctic. Final calculations show that the planet is heating up even more than previously thought. In the period between 1998 and 2010. temperature has increased by 0.11 degrees, which is 0.04 degrees higher than anticipated.

New data have shifted and the temperature record. Previously, the hottest is 1998 then 2010-th-th, 2005 th, 2003 th and 2002. Now the score was headed in 2010, and followed in 2005 th, 1998 th, 2003 th and 2006. However, this does not change the basic dynamics of warming as a whole, in 1850 the air warmed by about 0.75 degrees, and the ten warmest years occurred in the last fourteen.

Professor Phil Jones, who was at the center of "Climategate", explained that the picture of global warming adjusted data from 400 stations in the Arctic, where the climate is warming rapidly. Most of them were obtained by Russian scientists.

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