Robbery of a truck. Just preparing for the end of the world 21.12.12.

Here we go …

In Russia, the four residents of the Kuzbass in age from 18 to 25 years old robbed a truck with products. How to tell law enforcement officials, attackers have explained his action approaching date of 21.12.12 and the need to be reserved in connection with this product.

"As long as truck drivers slept four criminals broke the seal, opened the door and got inside the trailer," — the official website of the Interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.

It is noted that out of the truck were stolen stew, peas, vegetable oil and other products. The total amount stolen exceeded 30 thousand.

Truck driver reported the incident to the police, and soon the attackers who, as it turned out, were preparing for the apocalypse, were detained. We have solved the issue of a criminal case.

Note that in the last month resident of the Kemerovo region of Russia explained its refusal to pay a fine for a traffic violation approaching end of the world.


People keep calm.
My opinion: Date 21.12.12 does not pose any danger, terrible consequences of the general panic, looting, pillaging and empty shelves.
No one stops to buy the most necessary now, because the next will be worse with food essentials, again because of the "mess". Moreover, the next wave of the global crisis is clearly not in the offing. All come in handy.

All survive Dec. 21, 2012, who will have a sober mind.

PS Moreover, the rumor that Russia has issued a law that prohibits escalate the situation on the end of the world. Punishment — up to 3 years in prison.
Online information is not found on this topic. Will — lay, if not a duck of course.


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