Rose vodka and snacks

From today in Belarus increased the price of a number of food products. Vodka, milk, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese, beef rose by 3%, pork — by 2%. The official explanation — we need additional funding to offset the costs of agriculture livestock production. Rose and bread and bakery products — an average of one and a half percent.

How to react to the news consumers.

In the store, "braids", which on the boulevard of Cosmonauts in Brest, now imported meat and dairy products exhibited on the shelves with new prices. About this store saleswoman says:

"This morning was imported goods. Expose it now at the new prices, which increased by three per cent."

However, not all customers in the store noticed that the prices have risen. Says the visitor store:

"I'm so busy that he did not pay attention on the increase. But this is outrageous because the rise — not for the first this year. I often eat dairy products, so the price increase — it is very unpleasant. It appears that This year, there is no drought, lack of feed for animals. Why is there a reason for higher prices? "

In the shop "Mercury" on the street Masherova buyers do not pay attention that the prices have grown. Basically, they learn to increase already at the cash register:

Woman: "I still was not at the cash register. But the fact that prices have grown — it's bad news. Certainly, it reflects on the purse. But what can you do? .."

Man: "For me, this is unexpected. Yet I do not know anything about the price increase."

A visitor of the shop "Peter" on the street Karbysheva also did not notice that paid for dairy products more than yesterday:

"You know, I'm very much in a hurry, so do not even pay attention to the fact that prices have increased."

In the meat section of the store sell mostly products of poultry meat. Imported goods today was still on yesterday's prices, says the saleswoman. But prices are rising, and without ministerial decrees almost every month:

"Today we brought the product for the same price as yesterday. However, our prices are increasing at the end of each month for 30-50 rubles. "

Economist Michael Zaleski believes that the rise in the cost of dairy products is the most noticeable for low-income residents of Belarus:

Michael Zaleski

"There are different groups of people. One, as the saying goes, diamonds are small for the price, and to whom and yogurt honey. So for a group of people who consume dairy products — previously dated, by the way — will rise in price significantly affect the budget. It is known that the least socially protected Belarusians are spending on food 85% of their money. Those in Belarus now 15% of the total population.



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