Rostov nuclear power plant at the site created by the clean zone for the installation of the reactor at a regular place

Worked out a detailed timetable for the route of movement of the reactor pressure vessel manufacturer in Volgodonsk and then to Rostov nuclear power plant construction site. Complete the delivery is scheduled for June this year.

At the site of Rostov nuclear power plant has passed the operational headquarters for the construction of power units № № 3,4. In the work of the headquarters was attended by Deputy General Director of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom" — Director of "Management of construction sites" Alexander Palamarchuk.
The issues of supply of equipment, number of workers, labor leaders, and reports of the general contractor and subcontractors on the construction of nuclear power plants.

Construction Director of the Rostov nuclear power plant "NIAEP" Alexander Hazin reported that the construction of nuclear power plants is in line with the policy schedule: "Experts Rostov nuclear power plant and the general contractor Volgodonsky branch of" NIAEP "at the moment are of" Izhorskie factories "where participate in a two-step acceptance of the reactor vessel under construction for the third unit of Rostov nuclear power plant. In June of this year, the reactor vessel is to be delivered to the construction site of Rostov-3. "

A chief engineer of the Volga-Don branch of JSC "Sesame" Michael Pinchuk assured that his organization will accept the term of the reactor vessel and its installation, "Now the efforts of our organization is preparing to take the reactor vessel under construction for the power unit № 3. And in particular, at the level of 36.6 reactor compartment created by the "clean zone" for mounting on a regular place. In the near term are already beginning to mount the support ring of the reactor. "

Meanwhile, in the reactor compartment third unit is installed in the design position steam generators, ECCS accumulator tank and pressure compensator. Director of the Rostov NPP Andrey Salnikov, referring to the heat and linemen, put them in the task of providing a timely commissioning stage. A summarized Staff Alexander Palamarchuk: "There is a schedule training systems for surgery," Strait "on the open reactor. Directive dated "strait" — in June 2014, but I believe that by the end of this year may ensure availability of all systems and equipment for this operation. "

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