RTR: Lukashenko has shown Russian Doolin

The baton of the information war against Russian TV channels Alexander Lukashenko State picked RTR. In the program "Russia 24" zyavilsya interview with a member of the Public Chamber of Russia Nikolai Svanidze.

Earlier, on July 16 the First Channel of Russian television showed the release of the evening news, which comes alive on the Belarusian ONT and 20 pm Minsk time, the story "The Belarusian opposition to Open criminal case in connection with the release of the movie "The Godfather 2".

Also on July 16, NTV showed the second part of the documentary film "The Godfather 2". The protagonist of the film — Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

Much of the film — a repetition of the first "Godfather". However, there are some additional scenes, and some of the scenes of the first movie got a sequel.


Lukashenko, RTR, Svanidze

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