Runes. Alphabets. Thoughtforms

"It is time that the ancient symbols of knowledge
must be translated into mathematical equations. "
Agni Yoga.

1. Futhorc

Runic Alphabet (Futhark) is a set of 24 characters, each of which has a well-defined meaning, ie to some extent, each character of the alphabet is the hieroglyph. But unlike the character that reflects the static relationship characters, letters have runic alphabet and dynamics, because they laid and and functional sense.

In promotional materials, "Fund Law of Time", was dedicated to the "White Spectral Wizard" (26 July 2003-25 July 2004 he) is the next set of runes.

Look at this picture and see what kind of rigorous and consistent meaning order conceal these runes in itself.

Inspection is generated by poverty. The result of the inspection is needed.
Meditation creates the need for her to meet and form a spiritual inquiry.
Action generates a request and generates a product (the seed of creation)
The fruits are generated by seed.
Thus, each column has, in the last two positions and a set of semantic meanings of columns is equal to 7 (2 +2 +2 +1).

If you enter one additional meaning — "satisfaction" and close to the meaning of this need, we will get the runic cube reflects the meaning of runes.

In each column exactly 7 runic symbols, along with an empty, standing in the center.
column. If you find this dual character, we again get a rune cube.
Runes of each column have another important property. They are grouped in columns on two triplets with complementary meanings. This symmetry is characterized by the mirror ratio by number.

for example, in the first column of this complementarity will be characterized by pairs,,,, forming a triad. Such periodicity appears every 7 runes.
Thus, this figure shows the evolution of the meaning of each rune and cyclical manifestations of these meanings, reflecting the transformation of quantity into quality.

In other words, the Futhark runes can be identified with the archetypes, introduced for the first time the psychologist Carl Jung, as part of the collective unconscious. For ordinary perception identical to the concept of the archetype concept of instinct in biology. Each rune is a convolution of an archetype, with its own internal sense (the home of the mother, the witch, etc.). But if we activate this generalized image and he, turning in a multidimensional space, recovers its structure (hierarchy theory, Genetic memory).

Rune could not be accurately reflects the structural and functional aspect of the archetypes. In the collapsed state, it is a structureless "particle" character. In the unfolded state is the image of having a multidimensional structure is fully consistent with its original form.

Surprising symmetry runes is not the fruit of their fabrications interpreters. It has common roots with the law of Cuba. In favor of the "cubic" origin of runes can directly serve the following figure. [56]

From the above figures that the runic alphabet carries the meaning of a single law-Law Cuba (Fig. 3).


Fig. 3

So do not be vain Cube has traditionally been considered a symbol of strength, durability, and truth.
Biblical "New Jerusalem" (Rev. 21:16-17) is also described as a cube, based on the number twelve.
Thus, each rune is not just a symbol. Each rune runs its own software applications to generate qualitatively new reality.

Seen from this figure that the 24 letters of the runic alphabet in a hidden form contains 4 more "empty character" mutually complementary "empty" Runes of Figure 1.

So, at the heart of the runic alphabet are only 4 "empty" monad, placed in the center of hexadiene in Fig. 3. These monads are the archetypes of the runic text. Each monad form their own family of monads, each of which has its own meaning.
Each of the 4-monads are great limits (Universal Law) of the monad generated by scripts.

It is easy to see that these four monads form a monadic cross, which can also be minimized to Great Limit. This cross has two rungs. Each rung is a monad, consisting of two "cubes." How to behave in such a structure, as a holistic education? Apparently it will spin around some common center. If the axis of rotation of each roll call its own axis of rotation (symmetry), the axis of rotation of blocks relative to each other will also have symmetry. As a result, each rung of the cross will be monadic exactly ten "letters." The two letters will be used for the formation of the monads of the cross.

Thus, we get twenty letters generated by the 12th letter. But these letters have a GREAT RANGE — 13th "letter."

How not to remember here Tzolkin matrix (about the Mayan calendar).


In this circuit, the outermost circle contains exactly 20 characters and, therefore, is a convolution of Figure 3. It is easy to understand now, and folding mechanism in their own space of smaller dimension. This folding is carried out by measurements of the structural transformation of the functional form, by forming the corresponding monad is the axis of rotation of the collapsible space.

Since forming alphabet archetypes. Since forming alphabet thoughtforms.
On the "Remember yourself," published an article which provides additional information about the runes. Among the information provided seven runes that can be grouped into the following hexadiene.

This figure is again striking genetic continuity with the one law of evolution of ambivalence. It is clear that the center should be another rune.
And if this is a random set of runes, the author of this set made it no accident. He knew how to combine runes to their relative harmony possessed by a single law. Look, the runes on the diagonals of the figure standing even in form are mutually complementary. But they are mutually complementary and meaning (Remember you).


In the book, GG Dlyasina "ABC Hermes Trismegistus or molecular cryptography thinking" [55] the following figure.

Fig. 6

Look how elegant GG Dlyasin solved the problem of identification of the genetic code and the Russian alphabet.

From the figure it is immediately clear that, amino acids, and the letters of the Russian alphabet form a Möbius strip, consisting of two groups of ten characters in each group. These groups, as a complementarity, form a monad, the outer circle of the great cycle Mayan calendar. again and again the hypothesis claiming that the sacred Mayan Calendar Tzolkin matrix has a deeper meaning and reflects the properties of LAW Absolute, and that the great cycle MAYA CALENDAR TIME can be used not only to measure time.


1. The reader may get the impression that the author continually and constantly creates "fried facts." aimed at sensation. Not at all, it's completely different. And you can see this, because any attempt at analysis and synthesis with the position of the single system approach, which is based on a single methodology of Knowledge, will always lead you to the same result. You will always come out on the structure and function of the genetic code and the galactic, manifested everywhere and in everything.
And then the question of how to apply this knowledge in practice no longer stand for will not.

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