Russia plans to send astronauts to the moon

The current program in the Russian Federation "Space activities of Russia in the years 2013-2020" provides for the development of technology and interplanetary missions naplanetnoy human activities. The announcement released today by Roscosmos.

Among other things, planned to set up a promising manned transport system, which will provide flights to the Moon. "In the field of basic space research projects will be implemented, which would overcome the prevailing gap with the leading space powers in this area and provide an outlet of Russian science in a leading position in key areas of space science, and in the long term — to become a world leader in the study of the universe "- says the program.

It also creates three space observatories — "Spectrum-UV", "Spectrum-M" ("Millimetron") and "Gamma 400", through which will study astrophysical objects in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and the gamma radiation in the range of high energies.

In addition, the planned implementation of the mission of the orbiter "Luna-Glob" landers "Luna-Resource" (stages 1 and 2), as well as a mission to deliver the land of lunar soil samples for detailed study.

Category: Astronomy and Space

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