Russia wants to undermine the authority of Lukashenko

"How do you feel about the campaign, which goes to the Russian media against Alexander Lukashenko?" This question is answered residents of Gomel.

Mr."It's a game that's before the election. Next year — important for Lukashenko. They want to undermine its credibility. "

Mr."Conventional journalists expose the president of the charges for which you can go to jail. It is not clear how this is possible? "

Mr."It just did not happen. When they started against him such a company, then earned. "

Mr."Soon elections. Perhaps they think that this way they will be able to change anything. "

Mrs."I did not look this program, and only heard about it. In fact, I do not know how to treat this. Perhaps people have gone through the fault of the authorities themselves, these people did not do anything, for that would have destroyed them. "

Mr."The fact that there Lukashenko someone killed, more precisely," ordered "- this is not proven. Not the president Medvedev, namely corporate power Russia is interested in Lukashenka was not here to privatize our "Beltransgaz" and all that. "

Mr."Occupation of such work does not decorate the media. And this is called an independent, free, incorruptible press? It just showed what she is free and incorruptible. "

Mr."The basis of the information war — the desire to influence the features of our economic development, put in the special conditions of the Belarusian economy."

Mr."It does not make private companies, not the" yellow press ". This makes us. The question is: "When you talk about the criminal past of our president, consequently, our country is a criminal?" Then, perhaps, should not enter into any agreement with us, the Customs Union. Apparently, it was necessary to somehow apologize for the media. How would those who either belonged to the president, it's a slap each and every one of us. "


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