Russian armed with a new set of EW «Krasuha»

Russian armed with a new set of EW
Russia’s Defense Ministry has received the first batch of weapons on mobile systems electronic warfare (EW) «Krasuha-4», this report to Russian media. In total, the troops received four such complexes, which are designed to cover wide areas and troops from the radar detection and countering AWACS aircraft and UAV enemy. Since 2009, the Russian armed forces also replenished ground complex EW «Krasuha-2.»
Currently, the technical details of these complexes and their properties are classified information. Open access is not very much information about the machines of this type. Fairly clear that they stir at the four-axle chassis BAZ special vehicle-6910-022. EW station «Krasuha» made research institute «Gradient» (Rostov-on-Don), and their release is engaged in scientific production association «Quantum» (Nizhny Novgorod).
In modern warfare electronic warfare gaining more weight and importance. EW — a kind of warfare, during which the effects of radio interference on radio-electronic reconnaissance, communications and control systems with a view to a potential enemy difficulty of their work and the transfer of information. The constituent parts of EW today are electronic systems of oppression and electronic protection (and refers to them «Krasuha).
Object impact of electronic warfare are electric fields (waves), radio systems and facilities. With all of this for the creation of interference can be used passive and active means. Passive funds are built on the use of the principle of reflection (re-radiation), an example of such tools are angled and chaff. For active agents include those that are used for the formation of radiation generating principle (jamming stations and transmitters).
In our days of EW is a set of coordinated actions and activities of troops that are being implemented in order to: reduce the effectiveness of the implementation and management tools enemy troops, to ensure efficient use of the own weapons and command and control.
Developed and adopted by the Russian army complexes «Krasuha» — a set of electronic oppression (RAP) and protection. RAP — a set of actions and activities that focus on the violation or failure of the work, as the reduction of the combat effectiveness of enemy use electronic tools and systems by acting on their receptors electronic jamming. Modern avionics oppression comprises: radio, optical, electronic, radio and sonar oppression. REP can be achieved through the creation of active and passive interference, the use of different kinds of wrong purposes and pitfalls.
Taken in Rostov Research Institute «Gradient» station electronic oppression 1L269 «Krasuha-2» is a truly unique system. This station was designed with the generalization of combat experience, which was obtained by the Russian army during the armed conflict in August 2008 in South Ossetia. Russian military learned bitter lessons from the conflict, which were not used EW units. Including the reason why Russian Air Force lost a number of combat aircraft Su-25 and Tu-22M3.
The mechanism of the station «Krasuha», as well as all of EW is to implement a set of actions carried out in the course of which addressed the impact of the radio emission (radio interference) on the radio-electronic means of communication, control systems and intelligence to the enemy. These actions are being taken to the configuration properties of the circulating in their military disk imaging, protect their units from the same exposure to the enemy, as the configuration parameters of the medium of radio wave propagation.

Already it was reported that the station 1L269 «Krasuha-2» will be exported, the layout of the station in April 2013 was presented in the showroom KRET (concern of the radio technology). Most likely this station was created taking into account the oppression air-based surveillance radars type AWACS, radar flying, like the American E-8 Joint Star, also modern UAVs such as the Predator and Global Hawk.
Municipal tests stations electronic countermeasures 1L269 «Krasuha-2» and 1RL257 «Krasuha-4» was completed in 2009. Outside these machines are similar to ordinary radar, which are mounted on a car chassis BAZ-6910-022, 8×8. Cabin of the vehicle armed with means of protection against microwave radiation. It installed independent air heater OH-32D-24 and the air conditioner Webasto SS4E Power. The complex «Krasuha» is a hardware module with antenna stations and a large parabolic antenna. Antenna routing (turn 360 degrees). Parabolic antenna complex is controlled by elevation.
Electronic warfare systems and electronic intelligence such as «Krasuha» are sverhtehnologichny solutions. Are independent military experts believe that the establishment of such complexes — a harsh breakthrough in the development of highly effective means of struggle. The main task entrusted to these complexes — is an effective defense forces and immovable objects of high-precision weapons of the enemy, as its carrier, target designation systems and detection. In our days when fraction of precision instruments and electronics in the military increases, it is quite a burning task. Besides the creation of this kind of systems is able to give an impetus to the development of the entire Russian electronic industry.
Independent military expert Anton Lavrov in an interview with «News» said that the complex «Krasuha» should be used to solve problems at the operational and tactical level, but the decision on the introduction of the General Staff issues. In other words, this kind of complex does not become part of everyday brigades and field armies. «Krasuha» — it means embracing gain more fundamental ways and areas in which high risk of major conflict beginning. According to experts, an effective range of acts complexes range from 150 to 300 km. These weapons systems are needed to fight the rebels and bandpopolem, is an instrument created to wage war on sverhtehnologichnym adversary.

1L269 station «Krasuha-2» — this station REP also unified ground interference module that is designed to protect various kinds of objects ranging from aircraft radar. Can be used in electronic warfare battalion orders.
Station 1RL257 «Krasuha-4» — is broad-band station massive noise that’s also a functional module ground interference. Main purpose — cover stationary objects on the functional impact of aircraft radar enemy aircraft, on-board radar radar reconnaissance aircraft E-8C, reconnaissance-strike and reconnaissance UAV «Predator» and «Global Hawk» also radar artificial satellites «Lacrosse.»

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