Russian division SS — Cycle Reflection watch online

Russian division SS - Cycle Reflection watch online

Extensively clear about the Estonian, Latvian, Ukrainian division of troops SS, only know about the Belarusian historians, but about the Russian SS division are not many people have heard, but it was bitter and left its own mark in the history of Russian majestically … "And yet, little understood Vlasov's army. This is a totally different history.
The movie opens Zahav lurking over events, long closed stamped "Secret."
By May 5, 1943 voluntary associations within the Wehrmacht, there are 90 Russian battalions, 140 combat units, equal to the number of the regiment, 90 field battalions eastern legions and unquantifiable number of smaller military units, and in the German parts were from 400 to 600 thousand volunteers . Under German command consisted of several large "Russian" units. Volunteers were released directly from the prisoner of war camps — in the latter case, they were supposed to go at first preliminary courses where Colonel Vladimir Pozdnyakov, who was later replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Boris Vlasov, inspecting their suitability. All cadets officially released from captivity and received the status of permanent Liberation Army fighter. They provide uniforms — a grayish field shape with shoulder straps, topped with tri-color — white, blue and red — cockaded Russian state, with the symbol of the ROA on the left sleeve.

Second global war

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