RUSSIAN FIGHTING! Slavic-Goritskaya

Slavic-Goritskaya struggle — authoring system developed by AK Belov based combat and competitive traditions of the eastern Slavs and a number of European martial arts. The main objective of the system — to prepare, versatile fighter capable of fighting by any rules and in all conditions, against several opponents (including military), etc.



Basic styles

Radogo? Ra — Hand combat style, which incorporated various styles of boxing and Russian elements of the Soviet boxing; strikes are delivered to any part of the body (including the groin area, the base of the skull, vertebral column) fighter to punch, palm (bowls), forearm (ratovischem), elbow, and hits Twist the body;
Beneath? L — Combat style legs, hands that perform only protective functions. How to travel and strokes borrowed from martial Plyasov Slavs, of the historical schools of Russian martial arts and European martial arts (shasson, Savate, puring, folderskal). Strikes are predominantly foot in any part of the body, and therefore it is recommended shoes with thick soles and protruding rim;

Koroma? Words (Proportional to the style) — the battle system in which the pace of movement is achieved by successive blows of the arms and legs (leg, arm, hand, leg) due to inertia and special plastic, which saves power soldier;
UCLA? D — Fusion of several kinds of combat in the rack (fighter has to knock the opponent down without going to the ground), the technique of puringa;
Manure (Fight on the ground) — a style that uses creases, coups, retention, painful and suffocating actions, as well as various attacks in the supine position;
Swee? A (Military exercises) — a system of tricks to evade attacks and grabs the enemy. There are three levels platted: avoiding strikes; avoiding attacks and counterattacks, imposing a certain enemy tactics behavior;
'Heel? (Style unplanned situations) — develops the skills of warfare in specific circumstances: in the dark, cramped conditions, on slippery surfaces, the numerical superiority of the enemy in a limited space;
Chest? To — A way of organizing the fight with superior physically (by height, weight, strength) of the enemy;
Guy? Bkie reinsurance? Of (protivosistema) — maneuvering and tactical tricks with the stereotype of the enemy, using some form of martial arts;
"C-42" — a kind of Slavic Goritskaya struggle, adapted to real combat conditions;
Ognev? Th fight — fight with firearms;
Klinko? Vy battle — the battle system, based on blade triathlon.

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