Russian media attack on Lukashenko

Russian media continue to information attack against Alexander Lukashenko. During the weekend antilukashenkovskie subjects showed Channel and the state television channel "Russia", a malicious article has labored "Moskovsky Komsomolets", the Belarusian was the main theme of the radio station "Echo of Moscow". What is the purpose of the Russian political elite?

In an interview with news program "Vesti" on RTR channel journalist, member of the Public Chamber Nikolai Svanidze bluntly: the best thing that can now make Alexander Lukashenko — is to move away from the power:

Nikolai Svanidze

"In general — a man who thinks only of his power. His every political move is related to the way it currently takes an interest in the sense of preserving power. Now he wants to please the West, so he ultimately chooses the hard way in their relations with Russia — boorish and rude. Showing interview Saakashvili's public television channel — it's just rude. But the West does not like it, by definition, (which he clearly does not understand), because he is in the eyes of the West is still a dictator. Russia — the only country that it is absolutely useless (I've always said it) is always otmazyvalas the West. says, he is good, he's white, it fluffy. actually said nothing — he is not white and fluffy. But once Russia ceases to do it (and he does everything to her to stop), it remains in the eyes of the West's last dictator, who can only do one good thing — namely, to move away from power, give it up. But he is not ready. "

Showed a plot dedicated to Alexander Lukashenko, and the first Russian channel. The head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky not picking up expressions categorically stating that Lukashenko has been in power illegally. Zhirinovsky said first angered the Belarusian TV interview with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili:

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

"It's two people who are, of course, caused much damage as possible on the post-Soviet space. Both illegally in power through pressure, blackmail, violent suppression of the opposition. And in Georgia, the bodies and the bodies of Belarus. And in Georgia, closed newspapers, television, and Belarus. Ie — two dictators: one in the Caucasus, the other here, on the border with Poland. And they, like birds of a feather, seen from afar. Lukashenko understands that he's dead. But Bakiyev came running to him. Lukashenko And go where? Only Tbilisi. His never will.'s why they are now. And Saakashvili understands that he will have to flee. Here they are with each other, dictators, support that in the future be able to retreat. "

Particularly distinguished himself in the criticism of the Belarusian leader "Moskovsky Komsomolets". Material called "Old Man Croutes on kompromateri" accompanied by a caricature in which Lukashenko depicted in a Nazi uniform and gives his quote: "It was not all bad in Germany under Adolf Hitler nebezvyadomym."

Author of the publication Igor Karmazin, in particular, wrote: "If Moscow is seriously going to get rid of the pig-headed father, must now take the floor, journalists, and politicians. When political leaders could not respond, then the information campaign was only bites hurt without serious intentions":

"For many Russians, of course, this discovery. Many of these stories, publications, opened his eyes. And I think that change Russian public opinion against Lukashenko's certainly possible. But best of all Russians do it directly in contact with the Belarusian realities. Now Russia, in principle, many quite positive about the activities of Lukashenko, but at the same time, people do not know how to give the people of Belarus Lukashenko rule as it relates to the opposition, the difficulties in the economy. Russians also see mostly clean roads and the lack of guest workers. That there is only the immediate moments that catch the eye. "

Chief editor of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Alex Benedict in the program "Minority Report" said that the proceedings against Lukashenko information attack aimed primarily at the Russian audience, which has long been a prisoner illusions about Lukashenko:

the film was directed to the Russian people, which is very important …

"In these films, there was nothing to" Echo of Moscow "did not tell about Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, for the past 10 years. Single new fact of political life, we did not miss. And the disappearance of people and the ability to save money abroad and the massacre of the opposition, and the establishment of a dictatorial regime, and the personal nature of the "father" (because it there all called the "father" is not demeaning) — we talked about it. On this mane, the last dictator of Europe, we talked about everything. Of course, the series, which appeared on the NTV channel, could not get out without solving some people in the Kremlin or the White House. This is an obvious political history. The fact that this film is shown NTV in Russia came out, and on NTV, which is broadcast on the territory of Belarus, did not come out. That is, he was not sent to the Belarusian people. He was sent to the Russian people, which is very important. "


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