Russian missile complex «Club-K» looking for a buyer

Russian missile complex
Concern «Morinformsystem-Agat» held at the international exhibition of aerospace and naval engineering LIMA-2013 in Malaysia, a number of meetings and negotiations on export deliveries of the new container missile complex «Club-K».
«The interest manifested complex is quite large, we had talks. At the same time, this is not the first talks, we are moving slowly forward, «- said,» Interfax-AVN, «CEO, Chief Designer of concern» Morinformsystem-Agat «Jora Antsev.

He said that negotiations are underway with one of the countries of Southeast Asia, but did not specify how exactly. «We are actively advertising policy. Leave a lot of exhibitions, negotiating with the company «Rosoboronexport». I think that will be the outcome. At least some seriously enter the market «- said G.Antsev.

According to him, now appeared on the market quite harsh players. That — and China and India, and the NATO countries. «Having performed at one time a large technology transfer in the Asia-Pacific region, we now need to move forward by creating and offering something new. Complex «Club-K» — this is particularly new, which is no other «- said G.Antsev.

«It is clear that the mortgaged in this complex solution in itself original, it asks for a rethinking of the doctrine of any state, first military doctrine. Clearly, everyone has their own taste interests, each commander, Defense Minister have their opportunities. Decide whether to procure something fundamentally new, universal, which in some places a little selects from the fleet, by land from somewhere, somewhere from aviation is not easy. This is — a political issue, where each government should take a decision independently yourself «- said G.Antsev.

He noted that the distinctive features of the complex «Club-K» are mobility, stealth and relatively low cost of operation.

«When you have already solved the logistics, there is not even plus the fact that the complex is in a container, if desired, you can hide anything. Here the main logistics. First — it convenient transportation, convenient storage, no need for special technology: it’s all there in the market, it is massively available. Instead of better infrastructure for logistics purchase unwanted missiles. For this complex does not require special chassis, which stands as 10 missiles. Better to buy ordinary chassis and further missile «- said G.Antsev.

According to him, this has the advantage of severe container missile complex «Club-K».

«We’re going to market with new products, go to the small country. We will very seriously bother about pricing policy together with the company «Rosoboronexport». This — very basic. Military need to change a little bit own eyes on military conflicts, and to see where spend money, what forces and means to solve the puzzle of security «- said G.Antsev.

Earlier it was reported that in the past year, the company «Morinformsystem-Agat» successfully held the throwing tests container complex rocket guns «Club-K». The program of tests was carried out absolutely. These tests again showed that customers are not a model or layout, and the current container complex missile weapons. Complex «Club-K» is in a standard container train. You can find it only during the missile launch, when the complex is given in combat ready condition. At other times it is outside ordinary railway container.

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