Russian trade union protects Lukashenko

Russian trade union of media workers' labor and creativity, "concerned" about the campaign to discredit the leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. "

As the saying goes in a published statement on the organization's website, "in primarily ordered materials such discredit Russian journalism. The credibility of the profession of journalism in society fell to a catastrophic level. The Company understands that the conflict between the group that manages the "tube" and fraternal republic does not reflect the interests of Russia, and is purely a corporate interest of the owners. "

According to the authors of the statement, "if in this conflict involve the media and reporters give the job to engage sneer, is put in jeopardy brand media and the profession of journalism."

Like, journalists in the current situation, "held hostage corporate interests of the owners of companies."

Appeal signed by the chairman of the Central Committee of the trade union Oleg Ptashkin, concludes with a call: "Journalists Colleagues do not be silent slaves Your name is used for custom materials and seamy! This discredits the profession and you lose the public trust!

The statement, according to the site, spread out in connection with the information war against President of Belarus.

Commenting on the announcement, well-known journalist Paul Sharmet noted that for the first time hearing about this union "Labour and creativity."

Pavel Sheremet

"So seriously respond to allegations of such a union, which often consists of three people, I would not. Nobody disputes the artistic component of the movie" The Godfather "and" The Godfather 2 "was shown on NTV. But I totally do not understand the hysteria of some pro-Lukashenka my colleagues. Ostensibly it was not about the movie who kills his political opponents, throwing them in jail, breaks them their lives, and about Mother Teresa. Lukashenko But not Mother Teresa and deserves a hard, critical look. The more different types of films "The Godfather", the faster Belarus will be free. "

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