Russian weather quirks in the first days of winter

The first day of the calendar winter will not be the first day of the Russian winter in Central Russia. In the Barents Sea will be released once a vast cyclone, which will extend to the North-West Atlantic region a new wave of heat. Weather once again become cloudy, windy and thaw. In the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions will warm up to -1 … 4 °, in the North West — up to 1 … 6 °. The western region of Central Russia will influence vague and sedentary atmospheric front. It will be clear, will light precipitation. Places marked ice! Temperature remains about 0 °. In the east, the district under the influence of an anticyclone ridge though cloudy but sunny and slabomorozno — 0 … 5 °. The Volga pressure will rise. Weather stabilized and slightly freeze to -2 … -7 °. To the south of Russia "bury" cold wave. In the Southern District after the tumultuous events of yesterday, associated with the passage of atmospheric fronts, Heavy Rain is not predicted. Still cool: 0 … +5 °.

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