S.Kovalenko: I'll be hungry after every unjust detention

Sergei Kovalenko, was released after a seizure, during which adgaladavav 9 days. Hunger strike stopped, but activists say the protest will again be the same way, when it will continue to detain and punish, in his opinion, is unfair.

Vitebsk member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Sergei Kovalenko said to have ended a hunger strike as soon as out of the detention center in the evening of the 18th of July:

Now I will begin a hunger strike whenever I "shut down" …

"What came out, and immediately stopped the hunger strike. Ate one tomato and a glass of chicken broth in the evening and in the morning, too, and even ate a pear. So feel well and in good spirits. Now I will begin a hunger strike whenever I "shut down". This is my continuation of this political action. "

The activist said that adgaladavav 9 days in protest against the unjust detention. He got arrested in the evening of the 8th of July, the day before the opening of the festival "Slavic Bazaar".

By decision of the police department on Pershamaiski Sergei Kovalenko was imposed administrative penalties for violation of the regime: as documented in the police report, he was late home for a few minutes, although had to be home no later than a 21-hours.

Recall Sergei Kovalenko must obey the regime defined for Probation: three years of imprisonment without the proper punitive institutions activist sentenced for hanging out a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree and for disobeying police during his arrest.

Member of the opposition said that the delay was caused — because he was not allowed home commandos who were waiting for his return near the entrance:

Lied straight in the eye! …

"I was waiting at the door. Amonavets And one in plain clothes — at a distance, and immediately began to call somewhere, when my brother came to the house. Policeman told me that I was two minutes late. I did not have a watch. But I was taken to the detention center in half of the 10 th. That is what I was taken to the First Department of Internal Affairs, there were all the papers and taken to a detention center in 28 minutes. Such a thing can not be. Moreover policeman recorded in the minutes that I am late to do 5 minutes. lie in the eye! "

Deputy Head of Department of Internal Affairs Vasyl Pershamaiski ballads opposition not to comment on the findings was:

"Materials on it looked at. But he can appeal them. Possible appeal if it considers that it is not late."

Sergei Kovalenko is going to consult with a lawyer about whether to appeal the disciplinary action. He was sure that it was not the delay, and in an effort to police it preventively detain that during the "Slavonic Bazaar" somewhere in the city there were white-red-white flags.

The activist was detained and placed custody also on the eve of Victory Day, City Day, Independence Day on July 3. The police were reports that the activist was using obscene language in public places. Now, says Sergei Kovalenko, it will be a time when the hunger strike once again be at the temporary detention facility as a result of these charges.



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