S.Martselev: Prison is inevitable for those who are interested in politics

Sergei Martselev, the head of the electoral headquarters of the former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich, was sentenced to two years' imprisonment with a probation period of two years for participating in a peaceful protest on December 19 last year, answered the questions of Liberty.

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy
: The first night after night, in bed, at home, after five months in the prison bunk. Could not sleep? How did you sleep? The prison did not dream?
Sergei Martselev: Frankly speaking, I still can not get used to. I woke up today on schedule at 5:45 am and waited for the guard knocked on the door, open the feeder and say, "Get up!" But that did not happen, and psychologically it was weird, but, nevertheless, very positive, of course.
Rakytskyy: You spent 5 months in a bad name KGB prison. What are your impressions? As far as this terrible institution? How hard you were there?
Martselev: Prison — it's not terrible, the prison — it is inevitable for someone who is interested in politics. Even if you and the clerk sitting at the computer, reading news — you have to be prepared for the fact that they can come and get you. For example, if you take the event on April 11 — I mean the explosion in the subway and the so-called "spreaders of rumors" that allegedly sowed panic — ordinary citizens who expressed an opinion somewhere in the forums — as a result they have become hostages of the system and went to prison, even though the policy is not interested. Unfortunately, this diagnosis: if we who are in the country, have to continue to talk in the kitchen and whisper what you need to say loud and loud.
Rakytskyy: From the conclusion that will be remembered for a long time, and perhaps for life?
Martselev: That can not be the way it was before. Life has changed dramatically. I did not perceive that I am being judged for what I have come to the demonstration. I was told quite bluntly: "You had to be determined with whom you work, who you work for the presidential elections!" I mean, I was given to understand that the judge for what I was working with the presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich.
Rakytskyy: You were sentenced to two years' imprisonment with a probation period of two years. What does this mean? What is the limit of your freedom lies behind this legal formulation?
Martselev: The judge cited Article 78: what my next steps will be monitored by law enforcement. That is, they have to be from time to time to visit — how often, I do not know, check out my "lifestyle" and control how I execute the punishment, either got a job, etc. Article 78 provides for a kind of punishment than the 77, which is applied to Irina Khalip: I can not, for example, in contrast, is returning home after 22:00, but in any case it's a trap. After all, at any time and for me, and for a rocket one another administrative offense — it is a prison.
Rakytskyy: Do you agree with this verdict and whether to appeal it?
Martselev: I admitted in court that he actually encouraged his fellow citizens to come to October Square and he was on the square. And I do not see anything for himself unworthy, do not see the crime. But under current law, it is — illegal acts, for which I was convicted, and it is a problem of legislation that must be reformed. What about the fact whether we will appeal the court ruling — I need advice, first, a lawyer second, we need to take a collective decision to Irina Khalip and Paul Seviarynets: since we are judged together, we must together and do it.

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