«SAAB» focus on the development and promotion of «E-Grip»

Swedish company Saab downplayed rumors about a probable redeveloping fighter Gripen in the tender for the role of the United States to establish a training aircraft for programmke TX, Defense News reported on September 20.

Saab CEO Håkan Buskhe (Hakan Buskhe) said that the company aims to help global customers to implement next-generation fighter Gripen-E. According to him, «Saab» is planning to implement in the coming 15-20 years from 400 to 450 vehicles of this type. «In the spring of this year we announced that we will sell about 300 planes, but now I think that we can increase this number by another 100-150 fighters,» he said.

On the background of an overvalued enthusiasm for «Gripenam» in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa (Sub-Saharan), the company predicts the new implementations fighters. The Swedish government is situated on the order of 60 aircraft Gripen-E for State Air Force. According views Buskhe, the company’s business «quite promising.»

«Saab» comes from the fact that in the coming 15-20 years, the Air Force states of the world will change around 6,000 fighters obsolete types. Because of the limitations of military exports in the so called «non-democratic countries,» this potential (their net) is about 3000 machines, the company is able to take 10% of this market. Switzerland abolished the expenditure ceiling for the purchase of new fighter jets, from which the company has come to the conclusion that both chambers of the Swiss parliament gave preliminary agreement to buy 22 fighter Gripen-E in the amount of 3.6 billion U.S. dollars. As expected, September 27 deputies of both chambers of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland will hold a joint meeting to discuss where the political nuances of the future treaty.

According to the views of the company, the role of training in a converted version of the fighter «Gripen» in the South American tender is not quite close to reality. Saab will focus on developing and promoting fighter Gripen-E, where there are no plans for production of a training version. You can convert a fighter in CF, but such a project would be «very expensive» to implement, in addition, this would entail a deterioration «as a fighter,» according to the company.

British Imperial Test Pilot School (Empire Test Pilots’ School — ETPS) 1999 uses fighters «Gripen» frisky for advanced training future test with the assistance of Saab and the Swedish Air Force.

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