Salary educator — 350000, nurses — 500000

At the end of last week, Alexander Lukashenko, visiting agro Kholmech, has promised that by the end of the year, the average salary in the country is 500 dollars.

The following year, he promised much — twice — to raise the salary low-paid workers: agriculture, education and health care. "Teachers, doctors, nurses, teachers in kindergarten have to" pull up … "How many are now receiving teachers, doctors, nurses.

The average salary in the education sector — 769,000. This is the data of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus.

Svetlana works as a teacher in a kindergarten plant BATE Borisov:

"I first category and 27 years of service. I rate — 377 000. With part-time job, working in two shifts — even 100,000. Turns only 500 thousand" dirty. "And I get your hands on 350 — 370000. We all 6 educators've all quit. "

A young professional teacher from Vawkavysk Tatiana said:

"I'm earning at near maximum load — I have 33 hours — about $ 200. Allowance for young professionals — 70,000 the first two years are paid. "

Reporter: "A teacher of the highest category, with the experience — how many receive?"

"My mom has a lot of ranks, the highest category — she gets a load two times smaller than me, half as much: about $ 300."

In the health sector the average salary, according to the National Statistics Committee, — 855 thousand rubles. Salary nurses — 350000. Nurse working in the treatment room the usual metropolitan hospitals, says

"If there is a category, with a premium for harm, we get 700 thousand, a premium may be 750,000. Masseuses — they have a hard — they get less because they have no co-payments for harm. A nurse receives from 450 to 750 thousand in our clinic. "

Salary young professional — doctor freshman, who has no category, length — about 500,000. The doctor first and second category, on average earns about 1 million. As for the maximum salaries of highly qualified specialists, Andrew Vitushko, a physician with 15 years of experience, intensivist-neanatolyag, says:

"Approximately 2 million. 2 — 2500000. Three million — a" ceiling ", which is available only surgeons and transplant"

Reporter: "This is the highest category of doctors with all the allowances?"

"Yes, it is a luxury all-all the bells and whistles. For example, I have a salary of $ 2 million. My first category and surcharges for what I'm working with a very high tech and extremely premature babies."

The average salary of a doctor in Russia — $ 800 in Poland — 1500 dollars. That is, in the highest category of Belarus specialist received as much as a regular family doctor in Russia and a half times less than a conventional doctor in Poland.

  Doctors Teachers
$ 300 $ 230
Russia $ 920 $ 570
Poland $ 1,300 $ 1,050
$ 1,300 $ 1,400

Do they believe teachers and doctors that they will significantly increase the salary? I am asking the teacher Tatiana from Vawkavysk:

"You have promised to double the salary. You believe it?"

"Once upon a time promised, I still do not — my parents pay $ 500 … (Laughs) No, I do not believe the promises."

I talk to Nurse Dina:

Reporter: "Do you believe that wages will rise twice?"

"I can not believe, if payslip see … If indeed increase — well, we are very happy. This month, we were promised a raise by a few percent, but twice — because it is multiplied by two. When we received 650,000 — should be 1,300,000? No … "

Now there are not enough four thousand doctors and 5,000 nurses. Three-quarters of doctors are working on a half or two rates. In July, due to the increasing rate of the first rank, salaries for doctors, teachers and other public sector workers will grow by about 5-7%.



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