Salvation for baldness

Healthy and beautiful hair — a source of pride. But, unfortunately, is not for everyone. What if the hair loss leads to depression? There is a solution!

Men hair — a symbol of manhood, strength, the key to success with the opposite sex. Hair loss can lead to severe emotional shock, a sense of confusion, self-doubt because of the inability to hide his "imperfect."

For womenhair loss can lead to extreme stress and low self-esteem. The problem may seem insurmountable, perceived as a catastrophe, lead to negative changes in self-perception. After all, for women it is so important aesthetic harmony, nuances of appearance, and the whole image as a whole.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be:

— Partial (focal);

— complete;

— female type;

— male type, etc.

Female pattern baldness — thinning selected portions (in particular the parietal and frontal region). Hair loss can be temporary, but it still requires an accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

Male pattern baldness (Or androgenic alopecia) due to hormonal failure and often also occurs in women (with increased production of androgens — male hormones).

The main feature of androgenetic alopecia — receding hairline, thinning hair parietal and frontal-parietal region. With this hair occipital and temporal regions are not sensitive to the effects of testosterone.

Hair Loss (Alopecia) can occur at any age in both men and women. And the causes of hair loss, of course, much more. This vitamin deficiency, stress, external factors (burns, trauma), chronic illness, etc.

Recognize the time!

At first, the deterioration of the hair may not be noticeable. Over time, changing the shape of the hair structure, color, hair follicles are destroyed.

Damaged hair can be described as loose, dull, split and on indicators such as increased fragility of hair loss (extreme), etc.

The use of therapeutic agents without a preliminary assessment of the hair and the analysis of the causes of hair loss specialist only exacerbates the problem.

Reliably estimate the condition of the hair, vyvit cause of their loss, to restore the lost hair volume will help doctors trichologists ON CLINIC, whose competence in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the hair and scalp.

It seems that there is no escape?

Having tried all possible treatments, and the desired result is not achieved?

Effective method of hair restoration — or autologous transplant patient's own hair from the donor area on the problem areas.

In the case of androgenic alopecia hair, insensitive to testosterone, are transplanted to balding areas, thinning.

Transplanted hair retain all their properties and visually make up hair growth.

Professionally executed operation — the key to the growth of hair for life.

Secrets of Technology autologous

Autograft requires a plastic surgeon experience, knowledge, skill and filigree manipulation, may be performed by different methods.

Firstly, method of transferring skin complexes — grafts (patchwork). Grafts — skin fragments (0.5 to 1 mm) follicles.

The surgery is performed with minimal interference. This is facilitated by the use of microinstruments (implantation of tweezers, magnifying optics), the implementation of micro-incision, jewelry and cosmetics hidden seams.

Distinctive features of the operation — the shortest recovery period, the complete preservation of disability.

Secondly, method of transferring individual hair follicles without the cuts under the control of optics (seamless technology).

Seamless Technologyoperation allows the transplanted hair in place of a small balding or thinning, gives the most natural results are also in atypical areas: eyelashes, eyebrows, mustache, beard, post-surgical scars. This technique can be applied as a supplement to patchwork method.

Technique of surgery is always selected individually.

Modern methods of autologous contribute to the rapid engraftment of hair, their natural and proper growth throughout life.

Hair transplant in ON CLINIC

Physicians and Surgeons Department trichologists Trichology ON CLINIC Medical Center have all the possibilities for integrated care for patients (both men and women) to effectively treat hair loss, increased volume, thickness of hair.

In the arsenal of physicians Trichologists ON CLINIC such treatments hair as mesotherapy, physical therapy: phonophoresis, microcurrent therapy, darsonvalization etc.

Plastic surgeons office Trichology ON CLINIC have a unique long-term experience in autologous hair.

Multidisciplinary medical center ON CLINIC allow to pass the necessary diagnostic procedures on the same day, consult with specialists, to carry out the necessary medical procedures.

ON CLINIC — modern methods of aesthetic correction!

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