Samara Bend: Legend and Reality. Continuation of Part 7

A little way off — the usual limestone rocks, found even the ancient coral branch of the Tethys Ocean, millions of years ago shumevshego here. Involuntarily conclusion about the local disaster in this place. There is a hypothesis that there is many thousands of years ago there was an accident a huge spaceship or rocket, and the earth was burning when burning ship's engines.
Confirmation of this extravagant version also serves as the excavation, which was made on the side of the researchers, "the great pyramid." At a depth of about two meters — the burnt soil, solid soot and fumes, but in pits near anything like this — the usual rubble. What is burning here and when? The bill is clearly on the millennium. Not the one to pore, when there was a great battle between the ancestors of the Slavs and Aryans Atlanteans, is it? It was about 14 thousand years ago, and this is quite a lot of the pore and convincingly writes in his book "Okunevsky Ark" and the three-volume "Siberia save humanity?" Researcher and writer Michael Rechkin.
The parallels with the area Okunevsky Ark arise when the psychics say about a crystal, which is located in this area and that it would be necessary to activate. Supposedly he has a cleansing function, and as a link with other galaxies. In the area of Okunevo too much talk about the crystal and preserved its activity.
But down at the foot of the mound, where icy creek flows, found an oasis of jungle — a dense oak forest, intertwining creepers, ferns. In the creek are found literally "hand" carp, they could tickle! Men caught in the excitement of the whole bucket, but the next morning half had to be released into the creek, and they are not "asleep" for the night: such vitality and such energy here! Measured the temperature of the air: at the top it was 25 degrees, and in the "jungle" plus 2!
It was a strange and plant growth. In some places the stems of chamomile and other herbs reached five feet, and nearby — quite normal herbage. Why the difference? Particularly struck by the feather grass stalks in some places: they were twisted together turns as twisted twine harness. What forces act here? (Figs. 9 and 10).

Fig. 9

Fig. 10
Dip near the hamlet Owl

We just had investigated the story of the strange failure in the ground near the village Owl in Kumylzhensky area of the Volgograd region. Information about the failure is too long, three months, the researchers came up, but the results are interesting trip. Played a role shots that I was given. They can not leave us indifferent. Presenting the photographs, the head of the Forestry Agency of VV Yurchenko told intriguing fact: pit on the edge of the field formed after the flight of large UFO.
In the pictures there was something disconcerting: a cylindrical tube with a diameter of 11 meters in the land went to a depth of 10.5 meters. The bottom was a small, two human growth cone. On a regular karst collapse is a little like (Fig. 11).

Fig. 11

Fig. 12

Fig. 13

Fig. 14

We carried out before the pit where we were going to spend the night and explore the failure. One of the rangers, MN Semin, said that 20 years ago near here was a failure of 5×5 meters, but now it is overgrown and looks just like a funnel. However, caves in the area not.
Descended on climbing, "eight", any discomfort I felt. In soils differed about five layers of sedimentary rocks: basically it was clay, but there were streaks of sand and limestone. At a depth of five meters was powerful meter layer of quartzite. This layer is particularly striking. Imagine a meter-thick concrete floor — and that he has fallen off easily, even if it was under the emptiness! .. Unbelievable! We floors in multi-storey buildings in fifteen centimeters thick normally bear the weight, and here … quartzite layer was cut like rovnenko as clay layers above and below it. A perfect cylinder, but without a trace of handling! Gul void the bottom is not echoed.
Fun began when it became dark. Flash clicked our cameras, and at some point, Oleg, looking at the next picture taken digitally saw some balls.


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