Samara Bend: Legend and Reality. Continued Part 2

In the civil aviation fear of sanctions from the authorities (in spite of everything, the attitude of management is almost as inert) and today makes airliners experienced commanders to talk about such beyond the usual cases, almost in a whisper, alone and with the strict prohibition to mention the names of the observers.

And you imagine what kind of danger is filled with people for such aircraft's extreme flights. Of course, these — the unit. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know about them, and teach work in difficult conditions — it is necessary. Especially considering that the zone of interests of people and those who control the UFO, the cross is not so rare.
Valais tol'yattinskikh observations almost entirely fit into the global scheme (Fig. 1, 2, 3 — Reconstruction from the words of eyewitnesses Togliatti).
Triangular UFO, computer graphicsAttempts to write off the skeptics see "triangles" on military trials of new developments such as "Aurora" or "Blackbird" does not stand up to scrutiny when compared to even the appearance of both those, and others, not to mention the flight characteristics.
Most mass observation of these "triangles" occurred in 1984-86. over Belgium and neighboring countries with it, why, and stuck them everyday name "Belgian Triangle." But the area in which observed these "birds" are much broader. Do not stay aside from him and our Samara region.
Some of you will remember the sensational case where 13.09.1990, at a secret radar station located in the vicinity of Kuibyshev, similar to an "unidentified triangle" burnt steel antenna and caused a lot of other troubles.
It was first described in the local press in case a close encounter with "trehzvezdnikom." It prompted us to: cases such blatant aggression manifested UFOs are rare, so this aggression was caused by any negligent act or war, or their interests intersect so that we can assume that somehow very close to us this " triangle "is.
Indeed, soon there were reports that confirm that these "trehzvezdniki" (unlike others) fly over us quite regularly.
Considering how many times the "Belgian Triangle" caught the eye of attentive Togliatti over the years, you can safely bring this type of an object in the category of the most frequent UFO Samara region. The next part of the abnormal mosaic — a poltergeist. The German word "Poltergeist" came into use, and it has become customary not so long ago, somewhere in the late 80s. In the literal translation it means "noisy ghost", and the phenomenon, now called these tricky foreign word, for centuries it was customary for our people, and the special attention it did not pay — just think, naughty brownie! … Well, except when very rambunctious, and then sort out who is the owner of the house more — a man or a brownie.
But as time passed, and the modern tech-savvy and skeptical because people will say, you never know what tales indulged our uneducated ancestors! What are these invisible creatures? There is nothing that can not be measured, count and weigh. And rightly so, but with one caveat. The reality is much more complex than we would have liked. And something you can weigh, count and measure over time, on the next turn of technological progress. Just do not come up with yet another such instrumentation … Moreover, that has become very clear that we are dealing with a phenomenon in nature (let's call it familiar — poltergeist), which combines a wide range of factors and occurs not entirely clear, to say the laws of physics.
And the evidence of modern humans suggest that our grandparents and great-grandparents in the true stories describing real-world experience gained over the centuries and millennia. Maybe storytellers slightly brightened the facts, can not always be justified their inspired the source and attributed to him a reasonable start. But maybe, in that his understanding they were much closer to nature and far less arrogant in its relations with the outside world than our contemporaries, who from childhood brought up in the tradition of "crass materialism" and considers himself to be reasonable, the crown of the nature and her own boss.
This experience is available in different people, regardless of their culture, way of life, world outlook. For example, clay tablets from the library of Babylon reported that "spirits penetrate from one house to another, and can not keep their doors. Impossible to lock up at the castle, they climb into the door like snakes; prevent his wife from her husband to conceive of man-stealing children from otchih homes expel babies. "
The first article about poltergeystnom process in our city appeared in 1990 in the newspaper "Freedom Square", but I want to tell you about one of the most interesting of our poltergeists. He was a remarkable by the fact that the localized in one of the secondary schools Avtozavodsky district.
The beginning of summer 1991. First of all, with the unusual phenomena experienced students. For example, in the classroom during the pre-exam counseling together could fly into the air pots of flowers, and then gradually fall into place. Or, going to the assembly hall to begin rehearsals for the festive evening, the guys saw the door in front of them by itself closes, and sticking to her key turned in the lock.
What else is happening? In a locked auditorium shifted all the chairs (heavy on their own, and even shot down by four pieces in a row), again in a locked room itself turned on the light and color music setting. Especially loved the poltergeist messing with ultraviolet lamps. Oh, and even little things like the cold breezes in closed rooms where the drafts to be, in theory, should not …
When the limit of surprise was achieved, the students decided to complain to the school principal. What do you think was the reaction to the story? Of course! "Do not talk nonsense, and nothing like this can not be!" And at this very moment the verdict "something" took the headmistress and pushed straight towards the bevy of guys who were standing nearby. This argument was very convincing …
Was selected for observation at night, when the school was only a watchman. It had to be, and yet because of one reason — to avoid creating additional excitement among students and thereby enhance the poltergeist (such influence noted more than once).
I must say that any particular methodological developments on the study of phenomena poltergeystnyh we at that time did not have (a little more than a year since the creation of the group). So they had to invent on the fly and use the means at hand.
For example, if the Someone has such a physical force that is able to "drop" the person or turn on the light, then does he not leave the imprint of his hand (or what he was working on switches) on a thin layer of clay? During one of the buttons on duty in the hall (that it has chosen a poltergeist) were appropriately treated, sealed room. Several experiments have been to no avail — the sealed room for about an hour dissected, the light was on, but the clay remained intact. But once this "something" still left a mark! A thin layer of clay on the radio button to the plastic was depicted by a rough line. Of course, it was not a fingerprint with fingerprint lines, but do not be amiss to recall that in a sealed room at that time there was no one …


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