Samara Bend: Legend and Reality. Continued Part 3

One of the experiments showed that the school "noisy ghost" has the ability to not only close the door with a key, but also to open up. Before the next experiment, just fixing the position of all the objects in the room and carefully checking that there is no hiding no stranger, his own closing all the windows and front door (on the outside and on the key), we left the room in silence and darkness for another hour shift. I must say that despite all these checks, the entrance to the hall was always under our supervision, so get in there unnoticed nobody could. Is that a "noisy ghost" …
An hour passed. Opening the door, we begin viewing in hopes of finding traces of poltergeist activity. Attracted the attention of quite a strong breeze that poltergeist can not be attributed in any way … It was found that one of the half-opened window sashes. And it can be open only from the inside … And in the hall was empty.
Well, the event brought in a record observations pushed back window latch, fixed position nasal property, sealed for the umpteenth time, and left the assembly hall for the next hour. The next inspection revealed such that it has become even scary. Disappeared from the hall table is very impressive size. Visited all but the table was not there. There remained only one place within that space, where no one has ever looked — laundry room. From it there were two ways: one through the slotted floor in the very back room and closed the hatch cover narrow and almost vertical stairs — but the size of the table there, well, I could not get through, except perhaps in the form of sawn … And the second way out was through the window, which was located almost on the ceiling of the hall. But it has not been any stairs, and it was closed two doors shutters, laid inside a thick piece of wood. Since no logic would lead to the conclusion that the table is in the back room, and we pay attention to it at the very least follow. However, it appears that the table and stored there. And the shutters are closed from the inside in the same block of wood. Yes one more table leg crushed hatch closed the second exit, so that could open the back room, but fairly Work up a sweat.
In its place a table returned the ladder by four men — three of our school and another guard who was on that night, I think, an unforgettable experience.
Then we decided to try a method based on the principle of "electronic voice phenomenon." The essence of it is to use the capabilities of modern recording equipment, where the sensitivity to the effects of slightly larger than the sensitivity of the human ear, that allows you to capture and translate into the category of extremely faint audible sounds that are beyond the physiological limits of audibility.
Why not assume that the silence of the night in the school hall is not any sound, not heard by us, the sounds?
Time for the experiment was chosen the most silent — three in the morning. Night city slept, and in the school hall was included on the recording tape. Sat silently next to our supervisor that captured the accuracy of minutes and seconds each wafting from the street noise.
When then compared the record and protocol, it was found that the street sounds, something is just not signed up (so quiet they were), but there were others in the film — the creaking like chairs dragged across the floor, barely audible voice — and the lonely, and the choir …
If at that point in time was at hand the necessary literature on the phenomenon of electronic votes, but more time — can, and have been able to write intelligible message. But alas, time was running out, poltergeist also subsided. Quite shushed after he made the hall repairs. This is one of the ways to neutralize the poltergeist.
More than a year of major poltergeystnye processes Togliatti did not bother. Then there was vazovskiy poltergeist, poltergeist Dergashka — they can also be read in the book.
I want to draw your attention that sometimes poltergeist is "induced", brought into the house with any object.
Going to Zhigulevskie mountains, we can not exclude the possibility of meeting with another anomaly, but rather, a rare natural phenomenon — a relic hominoids, or, colloquially, "Bigfoot." This is the most interesting thing a secret, very close to the human race, are inherently subsumed into popular culture. Information on the "Bigfoot" in the Lada collected even Zhigulevsky first director of the reserve.
Now there is no need to give a detailed description of the appearance of these creatures — all the people who read them are well acquainted with the Publication of meetings with them in the wild forests of the mountain regions of our country and other parts of the world. Of course, we did not even Himalayas and the Tien Shan Mountains, where such meetings are more frequent. In our impossibly populated areas, likely, these representatives of terrestrial fauna is not quite comfortable. However, although extremely rare, such meetings do take place. And the most "fresh" seeing the relic hominoid was done recently in the winter of 2005, on the side of the road leading to the town of ToAZ.
"Anomalous component" of the historical records of the Samara Region and current observations can be divided into several quite distinct subgroups. The first group — a multi-kilometer length of the light poles coming out of wildwood Lada and beating in the sky at a height of several kilometers — about such talk and tourists and locals, and foresters. Very often, such phenomena are observed near Charokayki and former tars plant, although there were similar phenomena, and on the shore of the reservoir, and over the mountains of falcons in a number of other places of the Samara Bend.
The next group of paranormal — the so-called "cat's paw", a group of balls of light in the sky over the Lada. Very often, the appearance of "cat paws" happens watch for sailors. According to their observations, the first thing in the sky appear white bright spots (brighter stars), which are then deployed into the green glowing balls that are grouped in fives as if in a "cat's paw". Sometimes the "legs" can be two at once, and can be observed on the same spot for several hours. They appear in all weather conditions — can also occur on the background of the starry sky, and amid daily rain clouds.
Another group of paranormal called "cat's ears" and the look of these phenomena as low conical pillars of light, the striker out of the ground. Glow in the area are clearly demarcated from the surrounding area — so this can be done only with the use of modern laser technology (which is in the middle of the forest seems to be nowhere to take).
There are also strange "vague" education, openly violating the laws of physics. Many times tourists who have visited the stone bowl, saw a very small dense "cloud" of white color, size comparable to the size of the human figure. These clouds move along the slopes of the Chalice in all directions. Interestingly, the wind, no matter how strong it may be, does not prevent the movement of these clots, which often go smoothly into the wind, just as changing the shape and dispelling under the influence of air currents.
And finally, the plasmoids — glowing ball of Education, which are somewhat similar to ball lightning, but they are much more in size, and other characteristics they have to refer to a very special group of physical objects. Sometimes they even show some sympathy for the man.
I must say that last kind of anomalies organically incorporated into the local village culture — it is part of some rituals that are particularly prevalent among the small nations — mordvy, moksha, Chuvash. At the heart of some of the local faiths are historical facts of human interaction, the founder of the cult, and these luminous balls. From the point of view of orthodox science, every
thing would be much easier to explain if such observations were in the distant past — say, you never know what kind of superstition were at our uneducated ancestors. So they invent stories about evil spirits, believing souls of the dead flying over the villages of fireballs with sparkling tails …
However, do not write off all the leaves on superstition. And even now people Zhiguli villages — educated people today without undue prejudice — continue to observe these phenomena. The fact that the nature of the phenomena persists to modern times, says that there is no fundamental difference between most of the posts of the past centuries and contemporary eyewitness testimony, which, in turn, suggests predominantly earthy, natural process of formation of such anomalies. Perhaps their reason tectonic processes involving the active release of energy. But less exciting from that, they do not get.
Another bright puzzle Zhiguli Mountains and their immediate surroundings — the so-called "Zhigulevskie mirages" — still evokes a feeling of mild shock at the power of our mystery of Nature. And suggests that our world is more than three-dimensional, multi-dimensional and this is reflected in the existence of so-called space-time anomalies.
When a person accidentally falls into the location of such a spatial or temporal anomaly, it can be anywhere, for example, in the historical past of the world. Or, in a different world … Sometimes he seems to be falling out of the usual course of time. His "personal" time can dramatically slow down — in such cases, the clock man passes, for example, a few minutes at a time as satellites unsuccessfully looking for it for a few hours.
I will not go into the intricacies of scientific hypotheses about the nature of this class of local anomalies (yes they are still almost none). Let me suggest that you would be more interesting to feel yourself in the place of eyewitnesses, and specific examples of such observations, you can hear today, and read in our book.


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