Samara Bend: Legend and Reality. Continued part 8

Indeed, the fact here and there around the pits were small, with a soccer ball and less grayish balls that are clearly moved. Oleg shot, for example, three shots in a row and was clearly visible, as the ball flew right, flew over me and went beyond the frame on the left of the picture. Sometimes the ball was blurred, as if flying at high speed, although my silhouette remained sharp.
The balls were found upon us, as well as on a motor vehicle, as if the objects are invisible to our eyes studied the technique of earthlings. But over a field of sunflowers, nor how much we photographed was empty, as if they were attracted to other men and a pit near it.
At night, we were taken periodically, and on the frame again and again reveals the mysterious balls. But at dawn on their shots was not. It became clear that the balls are fixed only when the flash fires.
Shooting four different devices at different times confirmed the randomness of what happened near failure.
Riddle of the failure remains undisclosed, but the information that began to come from local residents, often taking note of a UFO flying in the area and Kumylgi Chopra, suggestive activity inomiryan here somehow increased.

Heavenly College

Recently, we have obtained some interesting results in the direction of control of human civilization, that is, the presence over us, earthlings, some higher curators, among whom are teachers of mankind, and, apparently, there are enemies of human civilization.
According to my research, brief contact with the individual facts of the higher hierarchies and the Masters (or contacts on a regular basis) had many prominent figures of the past, such as Socrates, Alexander the Great, Paracelsus, Swedenborg, Jacob Boehme, Joan of Arc, the Count of St. Germain, Galileo, Napoleon, George Washington, Delano Roosevelt, General Alexander Ermoloff, priests Filaret, Seraphim of Sarov, Sergius of Radonezh, Kuzma Minin, Gregory Derzhavin Krishnamurti, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Mother Teresa, the Roerich family, writers Richard Bach, Hermann Hesse, and a number of other. For each there are relevant facts and episodes of their relationship with the Higher Teachers. All it means is that humanity and the scientific community should not be afraid and falsely deny the existence of Teachers of humanity, and the need for a critical opportunity to listen to their instructions and perform the sound advice of our mentors. Otherwise, the denial of such connections will only strengthen the modern civilization in a state of self-imposed isolation from other worlds in which we now find ourselves.
But this is all about individual learning healing or contacts. A year ago, I was faced with the recognition of the collective training of people held in a certain web inomiryanami or "Heavenly college," where were involved, most of all, thousands of earthlings from different countries.
Education in the Network took place during the year and a half in 1986-1987. The participants were mostly teenagers, who at the time was 15-16 years. Earthlings were divided into permanent groups of four, the group was additionally one THEIR "curator" (from "Aliens"), responsible for the "performance." "Education" was like a role-playing game or computer game situations. The task of my friend, with a fictitious name Hope, was the work of a population: an explanation of the situation, the association, joint action, etc. "Education" took place in a dream. Feelings are like that. The descent on the short "tube" — and you find yourself in an unfamiliar place: city, forest, seashore, premises, streets, etc. Sometimes it does not happen on Earth. The essence of the game: you have to look around and — survive! More precisely, to adapt to a new life and a new reality. It could be a different era, the underwater world, or the future of the city, historical and real historical situations in different countries. There were games associated with the "aliens" and the other planets, such as Mars. Somewhere nearby was bound to be "support group" — has three permanent partner, a male peers. Each "player" a legend and a given target. The overall objective of the group: to identify each other in the surrounding chaos and create a common strategy. More often than not they were involved in the rescue of people in some extraordinary circumstances.
What were the theme of "Games"? Most often it is associated with wars, battles, salvation. So, what stories fell into the four young earthlings? Below — excerpts from the diary of Hope.
"Middle Ages. (Note GB — Hope here indicates their own title game) — a very beautiful game with knights and ancient castles. But, to be honest, and very cynical. "
"Mars. Rescue operations on the planet Mars. "
"Good luck charm. This story also takes place not on Earth. Planet similar, but certainly not ours. Very cold climate, a poisonous green snow. We (our group of four) working in special suits, flew to the "plates". Locals — Aborigines — stunted dwarfs rather primitive in its development. I have been doing a bit of anthropology, was trying to establish contacts with the population. Much wrong. "
"Consulate of the Earth. Another alien game: Dombey planet in the constellation Cetus. I remember the weather: the time noted on natural phenomena. For example, every day at the same time there was rain. And said, "The Hour last straw" or "Hour of White Couple" or "Time of Mists", etc. Terrain — rocky, rocks, plants small. Buildings squat, with narrow windows … "
"Tsunami. It was necessary to save the city during the flood. Great destruction, panic, vulnerability to natural elements. Terrible days and nights in the name of saving many lives. Then I was dying over and over again. "
"On a raft. The plot: After the shipwreck must not drown, do not lose dignity, to evacuate, to stop the panic and — most important! — To hold out for a while on the boats (boat, board, raft, etc.), putting out conflicts among different in character, age and culture of the people. Yes sometimes even in the absence of water or food. "


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