Samara Bend: Legend and Reality. Continued part 9

"Down by the river of time. Historical game: England, rebellion "Roundheads" under Cromwell, the execution of King Charles … And almost all in English! I had to pretend to be deaf and dumb, that then it was not so far from the truth. "
"The aliens. A variation on the theme of alien invasion. It is interesting and scary. "
"Pension "Pine Forest". Rest of people had broken a terrible earthquake. It was necessary to organize rescue and restore communication sphere of life people in distress. (The game was not over, I went on a trip to France, where the connection was lost between 6 and 23 July). "
"The First World War. The plot is clear, memorable ipritovaya gas attack on the many kilometers of the front — it was a nightmare! "
"Climbers. We climbed into the mountains, in some cave with treasures of ancient people. It turned out that I hate heights and cold, could not breathe … "
"Old Europe. The religious wars of the Middle Ages, the Calvinists in Geneva. Actions alternated lectures about God — it is boring. "
"Black Cat. Just do not remember. Some episodes of the Great Patriotic War. "
"Invasion. Very interesting game: the underground organization against an alien invasion. Venue — Moscow and the neighborhood. "
"Archaeological excavations. Also work in a team. Special feature: the action takes place in a confined space, plus — accompanied by lectures on the history of civilizations. "
"Underwater Research. One of the most popular games. Some days are based on a floating at sea (big ship), and other days — in an underwater home or maybe a submarine. I remember a very warm atmosphere, some special mental attitude among the players. It was one of my favorite games. "
"Spies. I do not remember exactly the game: something with yavkami, passwords, notes, confidential meetings. Duration — Germany during the period of construction of the Wall in Berlin, shoots people through the wall. Apparently, the 1960-1970-ies. "
If the "game" the group made mistakes, they were returned to the top of the action, and the episode was repeated until they find the right solution. At the end of these "courses" to all the participants adjusted the memory — it was blocked in my head most of the little that remains. Only Hope somehow escaped this fate, or the memory it has not fully withdrawn. In addition, she kept diaries that she kept during the games on the web. If all this (and a half years, every day!) Had dreams or imagination, then the extensions would not followed. But they (their foursome) met in life, they were taught at a university, Hope married her partner for the games, they all have relationships with each other so far, although nearly 20 years have passed. Hope then found, and other participants in the games on the web, but these dating not continued. All former members are afraid of something. However, as fears of newcomers and their capacity is still Hope itself.
My main conclusions from this story — was on or maybe is still training earthlings how to organize rescue operations in the event of possible disasters. The decor is now on Earth, the impressions of Hope, is close to those extreme situations that occur at "the heavenly college." Perhaps, the "X" is approaching, although she personally hopes that all "settle down" and help people.
I wonder what it is they, someone from another world, sanctioned by our meeting with Hope and virtually ensured its implementation.
Another important fact is a consequence of the knowledge gained in the "heavenly College" — us, earthlings, are afraid. We want to 'ground the "or, more correctly, — be stupefied. It turns out that all of these tests, exam and other education reforms (not only in our country!) Is instilled in us from the outside. And they seek to reduce education in society.
We slowed down the work of space exploration, lunar significantly curtailed and Mars programs, but our curiosity and inquisitiveness is still quite high, and "they" take it as aggression, an invasion of "their" business. On the degradation of society, stupefaction, you can judge for yourself in assists on all television channels, maybe with the exception of the channel "Culture" and "Orthodox channel." The others work on the part of the needful aliens who wanted to see us mindless herd, chewing, drinking and entertaining. According to his studies in the Network Hope knows and believes that the most dangerous to Earthlings civilization "gray" (the so-called "Grigio"), who settled on Earth quite durable. Their main and she is afraid, closing anonymity. It seems that they have, "gray", unleashed by dumbed-down subversion of the next generation, the information of interest only to the sphere of human life and the pleasures that are now widely brilliantly realized with the help they control media outlets.
The special features of life "gray" Hope carries their way of reproduction. "Grey" — is artificially bred race for the settlement of the giant planets. Hence their appearance, large eyes and social world order, autotrophic nutrition. Their organization is like the ant community. There is a queen of the uterus, lay eggs, cocoons, of which 3-6 months (depending on caste) hatched offspring. Different castes — workers, scientists, soldiers, etc. Like ants, "gray" have the collective consciousness (hence the telepathy), but it depends on the caste. "Gray," apparently telling the whole story when the hint about their method of reproduction cloning. In this way they are trying to humanize himself in order not to cause immediate rejection or disgust at the contactees. Perhaps then they have a reason for an inferiority complex. After all, it is believed that the vast number of intelligent races in our universe are viviparous. Could this be of interest is the cause of the "gray" to the genital area of earthlings and their attempts to bring live-hybrids?
Please note that the information about the "gray" Hope is received back in the 80's, when nowhere in the press as it may sound.
Today I wrote a book in 300 pages on the situation with training in celestial earthlings web, sent the manuscript to the publisher, but what will be the fate of her — is unclear.


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