Samara Bend: Legend and Reality

Tatiana Makarova, head of Togliatti UFO committee, member of the Russian Geographical Society, Togliatti

Studies of abnormal phenomena in Togliatti (Samara Bend) conducted since 1990. The following are the main areas of research and the most interesting facts that characterize the situation in our city and in its immediate vicinity.
But at the very beginning — just a little theory to you and I spoke the same language and understand each other.
The study of the anomalies of the Samara bend is engaged in scientific field, as ufology. There is a common understanding of ufologist as hunters for the "flying saucers" or notorious aliens. This is both true, or so. Like any science, ufology has a range of issues, which are aimed at resolving the efforts of UFO researchers. The study of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) — is one of the most important, but not the only problem. The object of study in ufology is called a short but succinct definition — The UFO phenomenon. It includes the study and performance of so-called "flying saucers" and the impact on the environment — nature and man, and psycho-physiological aspect, and cultural influence — the influence of the phenomenon on the world of humanity, religious beliefs, creativity.
The actual material is formed from a UFO:
— Folklore descriptions of anomalous phenomena both in written and oral traditions;
— Information gleaned from the annals, chronicles, government and police files;
— Images of unidentified (unusual) objects to works of art and crafts;
— Cultural artifacts, ie items, manufacturing technology and functionality that clearly correspond to their modern cultural level of society;
— And of modern observations.
The modern ufology is seeking the answer to the following questions:
1) whether the phenomena of the Samara Bend unknown or confusing us a natural phenomenon (or the collective psyche of humanity as part of nature), or humanity is dealing with the unknown reasonable force;
2) whether the interaction with the phenomenon of positive or negative for humanity, and for other cooperating parties;
3) what security measures (in the case of a natural phenomenon of nature), and what the rules of communication (in case of a reasonable nature) humanity as a whole must comply with.
Ufologicheskiye research is carried out in Western countries since the beginning of this century. Organized form they took in the second half of the forties, or more precisely, since 1947. Work on the study of UFOs observed in Samara onions are mainly large public research organizations, at least — the scientific and governmental structures.
Can be considered almost an axiom of the following:
— According to Russian and foreign studies of up to 10% of the world population at least once in their lives are directly involved in or witnessed paranormal phenomena (ie, no plausible explanation, even from the point of view of modern science developed);
— Abnormal phenomena occur by the physical laws that are not yet fully understood our science, and using physical force, whose investigation is just beginning;
— The nature of the events taking place in a lot of cases depends on the knowledge, will, mental and physiological characteristics of each individual, which should be the subject of education and training;
— Lack of knowledge of the basic rules of behavior in an abnormal condition, poor logical thinking, lack of experience dealing with situations with unexpected developments and with an unknown counterparty acting as the second party, whether a natural phenomenon unknown to man, the effects of technological activity or something else, often lead to a tragic end (which might not be), or develop in the future of the neuroses and obsessions of the psyche (especially noticeable in children), which should also be the subject of prevention;
— In relation to society in general, anomalies, and the UFO phenomenon in particular, are an important force in the culture-society, they are the basis of almost all religions and religious and spiritual doctrines, which, in turn, largely determine how the interaction between society and nature;
— Despite the fact that natural science is taught in compulsory in secondary schools, the level of understanding of the laws of interaction between nature and humanity is now even lower than it was in the last century, when the historically accumulated knowledge about the features of this interaction (including with abnormal natural phenomena) existed in the religious-mythological form with the inclusion of the taboo on human actions that destroy nature. If the ruling is now grossly materialistic doctrine prevailed consumer, inharmonious relationship of man to nature;
— Throughout recorded history of mankind anomalies are distributed approximately equally. However, despite some progress in the understanding of the real nature of anomalous phenomena, public awareness is still very low. The consequence of this is the emergence of a variety of religious groups and movements, even totalitarian sects, whose actions caused the wrong interpretation of the natural phenomena
which were accepted by the founders of the cult as "miraculous signs." Their work is not fully understood, especially as it is constantly changing. It is still almost impossible to regulate, but sometimes results in the development of mass psychosis;
— Out of the situation, apparently, in the gradual formation of the world for future generations.
It is important that the process of learning to stay so that we possessed a complete and accurate information about the world around us.
A main task that stands before us now, it's shaping the worldview of modern people, nurturing human being as broad-minded, educated and intelligent (in the full sense of the word) inhabitant of planet Earth.
And now — the anomalous in Togliatti.
The first part of the pattern of anomalies in Togliatti occupy the unidentified flying objects in the area of "Samara Bend." For fifteen years we have accumulated more than a thousand reports of UFO sightings over our city and its immediate surroundings (with regret to note that more information on the various reasons did not come to our bank bath). Typically, reports of such observations one-time (ie once surprised — and do not expect a repetition). But we collected facts very well how often UFO fly as if on schedule, performing the work of an unknown to us.
That's just one of the stories that were told to us a woman in 1991 while being treated at Medgorodke. Out the window of her house in the woods. One day, she noticed that the forest corridor if vystrizheny — pine growth below. Something that interested her, she began to observe and, to his surprise, noticed how over the area of the forest very quickly appeared and hovered a cigar-shaped object. One end was rounded, and the other she noticed light emissions, rapidly dissolves in the air. Classic color, gray. It then sat in the air about fifteen minutes, "cigar" tumbled sharply at a right angle and very quickly fell nearly fell into the forest. Observer did not depart from the window, and her patience paid off — in a short time from the place of landing, "cigar" rose gray ball, the color is darker than the "cigar", and low-level flight, echoing the shape of the line formed by the tops of the pines, headed toward dispensary "Prilesye." Events occur in the same order from the beginning of April to the middle of it, and the strange "cigar" flew as scheduled — every day at 17-00 with a precision of a few minutes.
It goes without saying that not every ordinary citizen will spend their time on a regular nightly vigils in hopes to "catch"
regular flights of UFOs. Therefore of particular importance messages coming from people who have such observations lead by virtue of its duty — for example, the flight crew and air traffic controllers civil aviation.
A classic, so to speak, an unidentified object has a number of features which knowledge (and some skill observing the world around you) will tell the real, let's say, a UFO from rare natural phenomena.
Tips for the observer are given in the book that we have prepared specially for the forum. It's called "Samara Bend: A Chronicle of anomalous phenomena, facts and thoughts."
There is a certain part of the whole array of UFO information that does not allow to continue serenely replenish UFO-Chronicle. Unfortunately, the full account of the seriousness of the events are conscious only ufologists, but does not seem to state and military officials, on which depends primarily on the our safety. While the facts speak for themselves. These facts are drawn from confidential interviews with the pilots of civil aviation.
For example, such a case — an attempt to "capture" of the aircraft. At an altitude of 4500 meters above the Yak-40 plane suddenly stuck a 4 round disc-shaped object is shining brightly. Of disk based blue-green rays. Engines and non-electrical equipment of the aircraft continued to operate. Electrical equipment denied. On 20 minutes the plane was "captured" — flying in a circle and was not able to get out of the circle. After 20 minutes drives disappeared. Equipment, fortunately, has earned the aircraft came to a former route of flight. Do not accidentally say "fortunately" because there were times when from the same strange "clouds" or been released from a UFO beam that without damaging the glass cockpit, melted operating devices than almost led to an accident. And, maybe, accidents have occurred, but not always possible for the remains of the aircraft to establish the real cause of his death.


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