Saturns Strange Hexagon

In the last few days Cassini passed a series of stunning images.

Previously, we were able to view the photos of the giant vortex, so fiercely raging at the north pole of Saturn. Now the device is "stepped" to present one of the most amazing features of the ringed giant — a giant hexagon, located at the north pole of Saturn.

The composite color image is created from a series of photos, Cassini passed on November 28. Images were taken from a distance of 610.373 km. The photo clearly noticeable change in shades around the northern hemisphere of Saturn, as well as a clear geometrically regular hexagonal structure

To date marked hexagonal structure, or, as they call it, a hex not get an exact explanation. Even The picture shows his regular geometric shape, and its diameter is 25,000 miles — large enough to hold four inside the Earth.

For the first time, this structure was seen apparatus Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 about 30 years ago. New evidence emerged through images Cassini. The fact that the phenomenon continues to exist for quite a long period of time, led to the scientists concluded that its sustainability.

Cassini team representative Kevin Baines (Kevin Baines): «This is a rather strange formation, with precision geometric shapes with six nearly identical parties. We have never seen anything like it on a different planet. And Saturn … is the last place where we can assume the existence of a regular geometric structure, but nevertheless it's there "

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