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Toe nail fungal infection, or onychomycosis — is a widespread disease. In Russia they suffered almost 20% of the population. Fungal diseases accompanied humanity throughout its history and progress with the development of civilization. The number of sick people is constantly increasing, and onychomycosis often affects residents of cities than rural residents.

If a person is healthy, his nails are smooth pinkish hue, they are almost transparent, shine, their surface is smooth, without grooves and bulges. With the defeat of the fungus nails are white, brown, gray or acquire another hue, sometimes they can even be black or dark blue. The nail plate loses its transparency and smoothness, thickens. This is due to the fact that exposure to the causative agent of the disease is actinic tissue nail bed. Nail can stratify or crumble, and the resulting defects are beginning to proliferate pathogenic fungi. Over time, nails can completely lose its attractive appearance, and infection — spread to the adjacent finger nails. The later the treatment is started, the longer it will last and the more difficult it will be to cope with the disease (1).

Fungal nail disease is completely curable, but the effectiveness of therapy depends on the correct choice of the drug, which is to recommend to the doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the sick. Doctor will prescribe medicinal preparation, which penetrates the nail and provide prolonged retention therein the desired concentration of active ingredient. He also advises a convenient dosage form, for example, special nail polish Lotseril, the active ingredient of which is amorolfin at a concentration of 5%. Efficiency amorolfine proved against most pathogenic fungi. When applying nail polish on the nail plate on it formed solid film. It fixes the active substance on the surface, the concentration of active substance in the film increases to 20% after drying lacquer. Drug penetrates the nail plate and starts act. The effective therapeutic concentration in the lesion persists for 7-10 days after application of varnish Lotseril, so it can be applied 1 time per week (2). In 75% of cases varnish Lotseril provides clinical cure nail fungus (after 6 months of monotherapy). And most importantly, when it is used there is no systemic side effects (3).

Nail Lotseril can also be used to prevent infections of fungal infection (4). To do this, one day before the swimming pool, sauna, fitness center and other potentially dangerous from the point of view of infection sites need to apply varnish on the nails.

Treatment of fungal infection takes many weeks, even a month, so the cost-effectiveness of therapy is essential to select preparation. Nail Lotseril applied 1 time a week, the amount of varnish on one application to the nail plate is small, resulting in a course of treatment requires only one package formulation. The cost of a course of treatment with varnish Lotseril very accessible and is only 256 rubles a month (with the defeat of three nails and course duration 6 months). Additionally, the package assembly lacquer Lotseril also includes disposable supplies for the treatment of nails: nail files, sticks and swabs soaked with alcohol.

Lotseril — right hand man in the destruction of the fungus to maintain the health of nails:

  • enters nail and effectively destroys fungus
  • used 1 time per week
  • for prophylaxis
  • has the low prices the


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There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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