Saved or Alive

A little background …

There are three known states of the human body — waking, dream and trance.

Wakefulness is of two types — active (work) and passive (rest).

Son also is divided into two phases — fast and slow. But in a trance state is now known only passive phase — hypnosis and OS.

So, by analogyAlive — is the active phase of the trance.

Example. It is known that the head can not jump higher. But if there is a situation when an angry dog behind and in front of a two-meter fence, a person includes the "hidden power" and he easily overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And Ziva can release these latent abilities not only in critical situations, and just as desired. In the two to three times faster reaction increases several times the power and sensitivity to all receptors, the brain is "dispersed" to almost 100%, while activating the nerve centers responsible for the extrasensory.

So,Alive — a martial trance state, who practiced and practiced Yaik (Don) Cossacks — scouts.

Lives can be structurally divided into several parts:

— Mill(Basic state akin IHS)

— Oaths and Rage(State "second wind" and "fighting mad", respectively),

— Jav, Nav and Mara(Extrasensory perception, fighting empathy and iatrogenic)

— Leka(A state of healing and self-medication).

And since the extreme danger of combat sections are alive, I present here psycho Mill, Bran, Reveal and Leckie.
I should note that all of the proposed psycho I have experienced in my own skin, as well as their students.

Initially, the concentration required to learn and master the state of the "lack of internal dialogue" (ATS), which is essential for the development of waking and Leckie. To do this, there are many different psycho, I recommend the following technique of concentration. She is sitting to capture attention and look at the real (drawn on a sheet of paper) at a 3 — to 5-meters away from the eyes and watch her 5 — 15 minutes without moving, not blinking and not thinking of nothing by 3 to 5 times a day. You will soon find yourself verbally as if in a dark corridor with gold, and become only see flickering outlines of objects around you.

Should engage in as long as you do not become aware of the clear and distinct only proposed the object of concentration, completely disappears mental speech and have no desire to think about anything. And since the process can not stop thinking, you have to learn to think not in words, but the images and feelings that are essential for learning empathy (through telepathy mental images). Criterion — min.10 minutes ATS.

Universal izometricheskoya technology transition in the camp.

Stan — is a basic condition Alive, from which a transition to all other states, I must say that psycho Transition primitive, like an ax, and yet it works.

So,Exercise number 1.
Stand in the doorway, his arms down with palms inward. Then rest against the back of his hand in the door jamb, and for at least a minute to struggle to push his hands apart. Push up until you feel a pain in the muscles of the arms. Then lower your arms, take a step back and relax completely. You feel like your hands on their own "float" in the party. Well remember the feelings of light muscle tension for the ascent of hands at the same time you have. At five-minute intervals repeat two more times.

Next, stand facing a wall and just push back sides descended hands forward. After that, take two steps back and relax — your hands "float" in front of you. Remember the impression. At five-minute intervals repeat two more times.

Repeat this series three — five times a day (no more!) For two — three days.

Exercise number 2.
Stand up straight, go to the police station, relax a little tense muscles. Think of the feelings that arise when you ascend and achieve hand to hand surfaced in front of you as if by themselves, without exercise. Number 1. (If it does not — go on the first exercise, the learning curve — from day to two weeks.) Lower your arms.

After the same manner (with sensations in the muscles) to adjust to your hands just by themselves broke apart. Then, without dropping hands, imagine the muscular sensation of attraction between the hands, and in until your arms outstretched to the sides agreed forward at chest level. Then re-dispersed, and so several times. Then try the same method to control the movement of fingers. After learn how to make simple hand movement. Takes three — five times a day, max. 10 min. (No more!) The development of this exercise is to take one — three days.

Exercise number 3.
Sit in a chair, go to the police station, relax a little tense muscles. With the ascent of sensations try to get first right, then left, and after, and both legs (if it does not, use the stop of Exercise, № 1). After learn to make turns sitting torso and rotate the head. This also will take one — three days.

After masteringCtrl. № 3learn how to perform various movements standing all parts of the body using muscle sensation.

Repeat the exercise three — four times a day, the duration of employment should not exceed 15 minutes. Go in as long as you do not "rolled forward" something: a sense of muscular ease puppy delight waking dream, an absolute apathy and complete thoughtlessness — this is Stan.

In the future you to make the transition, you need only remember feeling arose something. The transition is clicking, simultaneously.

So, if your hands are not raised to the end, hold a few minutes in the hands of a pair of dumbbells arranged if no bells — fill a couple of heavy bags, hands go up not so much to the side, and will fly over your head! If still not work, then give yourself a slight muscular effort, most importantly — learn how to move, not muscle.

It is necessary to imagine that the hands on the inside instead of the muscle as it were "inflated" transparent gold and weightless substance. Then imagine that this substance is outside the hands, and in the direction of it arises a vacuum that "pulls" to his hand. Use these sensations when moving the fingers, head, etc. Try to move the camp to a domestic environment.

I apologize in advance for the lack of specificity in describing — in these senses in the modern language no relevant concepts and definitions.

By the way, be sure to please create a diary, and immediately after school record process of sensations — forget it, you know.
The funny thing is that each of you already has visited Givet — similarly move small children when learning to walk. And since you do not learn anything new, but just remember well forgotten old, then in my lifetime, this psycho is never! prevented failures. The point at the time of development, it is inversely proportional to age (the older, the more difficult to remember.) And if the development of the adolescent psycho take from two hours to two days, the adult on the appropriate one — two weeks. And do not force yourself, if not to the Main development intensity and duration of exercise, and time.
Therefore, a good Master proposed psycho, otherwise you could not jump in battle and reality.

State of Massacre in Givetis a direct continuation of the mill. This condition is akin to a "second wind" in sport and achieved a simple motor exercises and combat staging sense of rhythm. I should say at once thatOaths and Realityinextricably linked, as Abusive implies the ability to feel and anticipate the actions of the enemy damage it strikes at the slightest change in his behavior, so in this exercise and development of Massacre Reveal parallels.

And most importantly, in this state comes deep synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres, one gains the ability to "feel the logic" and "count feelings", while there is a strong self-confidence, completely changing the mentality and soul-searching going on.

And more. During the course you will experience various mental sensations that you absolutely need to learn and understand, and after that comes a very sleepy. The fact is that they begin to activate the "sleeping" areas of the cerebral cortex, the "overactive" mode the brain consumes energy is ten times more than usual, which causes fatigue. And eventually it passes.
In general, see for yourself.

Initially, about safety.

The first week or two of the procedure should only in her apartment. The fact that the Reveal you create on their place of employment hamlets, Castaneda and Harry Potter — a place of your Strength. By the way, God forbid you to meddle in such places, in Russia they are called bad job, the locals walk around such places tenth expensive, and they are only good for people obsessed with all sorts of undead (unfortunately, there are so many). Outdoors in public places initially be in the Manifest should only learn it well in the village and no more than three to five minutes. And do not even think in such places "to take under the hood" of strangers until they reinforce their new I — you can easily imagine this plant Undead!

In the transition to reality anciently used technique trance dance (Stan, the Cossack village, dance Dance, finally the U.S. state — are synonymous, learn Sanskrit)

To perform this psycho hasthree required conditions.

  • In — First, you should not interfere with clothing, so dress to practice beach ensemble.
  • In — the second, the exercise is carried out with open eyes in the absence of light, you can wear a painted motorcycle goggles. The main thing here — that in his eyes did not get no light!
  • And — third, the transition out of the camp in battle by using thespecial code "abusive" wordsor phrase. This word can be anything, but must be related to the military situation, come up with it yourself ("swear words" — this is not the offensive, which is so replete with modern speech, and code words with which the Cossacks on the battlefield injected himself into the combat trance state ).

In the future, to enter in battle, you will have only himself to utter this passphrase!

Exercise number 4.
So, turn on the (necessarily in stereo!) Very softly rhythmic music without words (I recommend the Japanese Taiko drums album).

Next, stand up straight, take off your things, go to the camp, and say the code phrase. The rhythm of the drums begin to dance with muscular sensations. Slowly at first, to the rhythm of 'sixteen', then accelerate the rhythm of "eight", then on "four." Feel the rhythm of the fight is not just a rumor, and a sensation, movement is smooth, fixing the extreme position of the body to the rhythm of the fight.

I assure you, you will like to move to the rhythm of the camp, and you yourself, spontaneously begin to accelerate the rhythm and increase the intensity of movements, with the strongest feeling excited about the complete subordination of the body to its mental J.

This is a battle!

Initially in a state of Massacre You can be no more than ten minutes, with longer sessions, it comes to naught. Therefore, for any length of time being in the position to learn the technique of "split concentration" — initially focus on the movements of the hands, in five minutes, switch to a feeling in the legs, then back at the same rate.

To engage 20 — 30 minutes, no more than once a day, in the evening. After the exercise is finished be sure to take a cold shower.

Repeat the exercise two — three days until wrestle not "put a reflex."

Exercise number 5.
This exercise is the first time should be done with safety net, because when you run it is likely spontaneous "failure" in a deep state of Navi. Of course, this is not okay, Nav 20-30 minutes, go to the normal healthy sleep and you wake up at 7 — 8 hours. You just suddenly fall, and can scare the shit out of their relatives.
And if your partner for the insurance will find that you fall, then he needs to support you and immediately splash your face bucket of cold water.

I also ask for forgiveness for tongue-tied with computation, but arising from the development of Massacre and reveal feelings in a modern language no relevant terms and definitions (try to explain to a blind man that is red!).

So, its rhythms, set the timer for 30 minutes player. Stand up straight. Remember the good things in your room. Undress, turn off the lights or wear opaque goggles, do not pay attention to those "Firefly" and the light spots that occur before your eyes. Try not to look at anything at ALL. Enter the mill, say the code phrase. Start moving at a slow pace of Massacre, not accelerating. Then do the following steps:

— Imagine a three-dimensional placement of the drums in the space and feel the sound bounces off your skin.

— Imagine and feel your hands are weightless air turbulence and disturbance arising in the space created by the rhythm of the drum around you as a result of the movement.

— Expand your perception of "I" for one — two meters in the surrounding area, it is easy to get when you feel how your arms move in the surrounding transparent — golden glowing rhythmic vacuum. And the emptiness you will see not-EYES!

— Then a minute later an effort Broaden your aura to the size of the room, you will feel the rhythm of the reflection from the objects around you.

— Learn to feel the mental objects in the room

— After Augment your "I" to the size of the house, then you feel the surrounding landscape.

— After a minute or two "throw" his aura as far as possible into the Universe and Infinity. Feel NON-eye that you stand and move to transparent — golden infinite void, inside of which — the planets and stars.

— "Throw away" feeling its infinite arms, and then the body shell into this universe, learn how to move through the newly created sensations moving in this void, and do not worry if you did not see eye-stars around!

That is the reality.

By Barbara Brennan Reality — it is the seventh! level causal unity of the body, or just the third level of samadhi. Mind you, no long-term meditation! By the way, village there after the first class, and in your apartment, and the whole house completely disappear cockroaches!

Go in to the Deh long as the timer is not turn the music off, then — immediately in a cold shower! And every once in Manifest, you can further make the transition without all code words.

The next day, repeat the exercise, but dressed in the light, without glasses, and music, while you have to "defocus" look and look as if through things without seeing them in the surrounding emptiness.

Learn how mental haptic objects with their eyes open, while constantly keep out of focus look.

Further Pick up any item, focus on emerging PRT assuring feeling. Place the item on the spot, close your eyes and mentally imagine and feel that this subject — in your hands. Do the same with open eyes defocus.

If it does not — repeat the exercise. № 5 a few more times in my lifetime, this psycho has never prevented failures.

After any special exercises do not need, then — either in the stadium or on the mat.

On the mat first SMU techniques able Massacre and put them on the "reflex of sensations," it takes two — three full workout. Then just learn to "include" Abusive and Reality in sparring, nothing to think and "Take cover" of his sparring — partner. Feel his movements and imagine your reaction to his attack — your body will do everything itself, the reflexes, fast and direct.

I must say from my own experience that the Massacre mastering the technique of martial arts is to polupinka, techniques to "put a reflex" from the second — the third time! Thus well "go" only real simple techniques that keeps ancestral memory of man. Admit it, it's hard to imagine Ilya Muromets, conducting a kick in the head!

Therefore, I recommend Combat Sambo, rusboy, bolivak, leopard, hopak, dance, etc. Incidentally, Place — ancient combat system practiced by the Cossacks — scouts since Horde times Batko Batu. Words on their bellies, Plastun (dance-tun in Sanskrit), dance — look analogy. And Cossack dance — it is simply a demonstration of dance techniques.

During the development of racing to focus on the feeling of lightness and flight. Ztogo to imagine that you are a kind of "pull" forward on the treadmill and returns to that feeling. And I guarantee you will get amazing results!

And regarding baud *** Ding, so you need during exercise is simply to learn how to create a sense of fullness of the muscles that occurs after the "iron." And, in the future you do not need any weights, just your brain. Although I must say that such "training on the couch" exhausting as good "rocking."

Just go outside, go to Reality, feel The landscape and the unearthly beauty of the clouds, while you have a feeling of indescribable joy and unity with the world, also called Grace.

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