Saw the light of little-known Ukrainian ufology

May 29, 2012 8:25

Janos Motrunich (Senior Researcher, Laboratory for Space Studies Uzhgorod National University astronomer): "Fragments of UFOs we did not return, saying only that these are known to them"

In Uzhgorod (Transcarpathian region) Bozdoskom park in the mid-1980s there has been an event that proudly today could show off on the first pages of UFO books but in some circumstances, this case became publicly known only recently. UFO event by ordinary standards, not because of its visual demonstration after the UFO left a material samples: they could feel his hands …! It would seem that here they are irrefutable evidence of the elusive "flying saucers", but the story has developed in a different way …

The forgotten pages of UFO Carpathian Uzhgorod write in the newspaper "West Fest" from 25-31 May 2012 (№ 22 (823)) ufologist Jaroslav Socko and journalist Viktor Tar.

Razvarachivalis events in one of the warm evenings of June 1984. Director Bozdoskogo park with a guard passed by car through the park. Suddenly appeared in the sky mysterious three balls that versicolor. Suddenly, one of the balls broke and … collapsed. Surprisingly men knew no bounds. They have nothing like this in my life ever seen!
Keeper of curiosity wanted to get out, but the director, former military, decided not to risk it, stopped him and ordered killed the engine and turn off the lights. Just in case … Men for a few minutes in silence sat in the car, watching the other two objects, and only when they disappeared over the horizon, they decided to get out of the car and carefully inspect the place of "UFO crash".

Part of unknown material from the mysterious world, "crashed", witnesses later transferred to the laboratory space research Uzhgorod National University. Head of the Laboratory for Space Studies UzhNU at the time was Matrona V. Bratiychuk, professor and founder of the Laboratory (1927-2001). She is wary of all kinds of stories about the "flying saucers", but to witnesses in a scientific institution immediately be taken seriously, as director of the park in the profession for a long time worked in the aviation industry, and such people are not inclined to draw or a hoax.

Local astronomers well remember the story of the witnesses of the incident with a UFO. They questioned the journalist Victor Tar during the filming of the documentary "UFO over Transcarpathia" (Mukachevo broadcasting company "Studio M", 2009).

Senior Research Associate in the Laboratory for Space Studies UzhNU Janos MOTRUNICH says their words: "At about 11 o'clock at night with full moon Director Bozdoskogo park with guard checking area saw in the sky three mysterious world, the size of a basketball, flying toward them on the part of administrative buildings . Stop the car, they began to see objects closely. Balls were bright, iridescent fluorescent light.

One of those objects suddenly fell to the ground, the crash site was clearly visible as a bright moon illuminated the landscape. The remains of the exploded ball, which in appearance resembles a regular burnt plastic, witnesses carefully collected in a box of matches from the … "

The remains of the UFO that crashed in Bozdoskom park, laboratory space research UzhNU, for lack of equipment and methodology research confusing things, gave the Astronomical Council of the Academy of Sciences. However, there had no idea what kind of stuff. Astronomical pleased was forced to transfer debris to another organization, but there could not find an explanation for the origin of the mysterious debris.

Finally, astronomers Uzhgorod National University politely thanked for finding and also reported that data on these phenomena, both in Europe and in Asia, they have a lot (!)

History is silent on the current whereabouts of mysterious debris from Bozdoskogo Park, their composition and the possible nature. However, it is known that these fragments were, and nature of the "UFO phenomenon" is still "unidentified" or even discredited.

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