Science and Technology Center opened in Petersburg SEZ

The company "Angle-Engineering" which belongs to "Perspective", and is the first resident of a special economic zone (SEZ) in St. Petersburg, opened a research and development center for the development and production of new industrial automation systems. 

Center is located on the site, "Neudorf" SEZ, the cost is estimated about 400 million rubles. Planned terms of return on investment is five years. The center will lead the development of automated control systems for hydropower facilities, thermal power, nuclear power and large industrial enterprises of power.

"Always nice to start a project or to participate in any stage of its implementation. Here today we are opening production of <…>. Establishment of the center will be a step in the development of import-substituting products, and this, of course, very important for the economy of the country," — said at the the opening ceremony of the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Oleg Saveliev.

The project will increase the company's production capacity by 2.5 times. The center is located research, production, storage, training and administrative offices.

The company "Angle-Engineering" has received the status of SEZ resident in St Petersburg in 2008, in 2009, the project has been recognized as a strategic, in late 2011, construction began on the site.

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