Science and technology start-ups looking for 400 million investment

The business incubator "Ingria" (St. Petersburg) was the final session of the Investment VC Day Ingria, where projects start-ups from across the Russian investors looking for innovative ideas. The event was dedicated to scientific and technical projects, which total demand for investment is estimated at 400 million rubles.

Developers presented a number of unique projects: a system that allows the blind to navigate in space, power plant based on an artificial tornado, versatile voice control for all the equipment in the apartment, a mobile robot for monitoring homes and offices, the cybernetic designer to build robots, multi-functional protective nano-films. Total VC Day finalists presented more than twenty different projects and solutions for areas such as robotics, transportation, energy conservation, monitoring, automation, oil and gas, medical devices. 

"The idea of the event — the desire to draw attention to the venture investments in" hardware ". To search for promising projects we have invited not only to venture capital funds, but also large industrial groups and enterprises ", — said Igor Christmas, Director of Business incubator" Ingria ".

"Russian business practice shows that about 70% of venture capital investment is directed to the development of the software, or the scope somehow related to the software business. But it seems to me, the start-ups that are trying to work in the field of industrial production and are based on new technologies, it is necessary to create special conditions that will increase the attractiveness of such projects and will increase innovation in equipment and products, not only the various IT-services, so as they alone can not carry out re-industrialization ", — said Peter Korotkov, director of the Northwest branch of 3M Company and a member of the jury VC Day.

Among the representatives of big business, the event was attended by companies: 3M, "Kirov Plant", "Transas" plant them. Kozitskogo, IDGC of Centre, SberbankTechnologyResearchCenter, IBM, EMC, and more than 20 investment funds, including, AlmazCapital, qwCapital, VEB Innovation Seed Fund "RVC", "Alliance Investment», SkyVentureCapitalPartners, BrightCapital and others.

The interest of large companies to the event concluded Peter Korotkov: "Being in this environment, to understand how it lives, what principles and mechanisms used in the derivation of the Russian market for new solutions, it is imperative for us. We are interested in doing business in Russia, 3M produces large program of regionalization, in addition, every year we are bringing to the Russian market of hundreds of new products and technologies. We must consider both the agent itself the existence of such structures that provide opportunities for the development of business ideas to entrepreneurs and scientists, and the ideas that are presented on these sites. "

As a result, investors presentations and experts identified the three best projects.

1st place went to the project "Sibsensor." The team presented the startup fiber optic temperature sensors that can measure the temperature of extended objects with an accuracy of 0,1 ° C and a spatial resolution of 0.25 m

2nd place was awarded to the project Oriense. This is a device for the blind and visually impaired people, helping to orient themselves in space.

Third place went to the development of e-Trike — electric transformer, which can move both on-road and non-automotive areas (bike paths, narrow lanes, etc.).

To participate in the VCDay organized pre-selected startups from all over Russia. According to the results of the application submitted 78 projects from 20 cities of Russia. During the 4 days on the basis of "Ingria" they were an educational program, after which the finalists were determined VCDay.

About the business incubator "Ingria".

Business incubator "Ingria" was opened in 2008. This is the first project of Technopark "Ingria", which is created in St. Petersburg as part of the federal program for the development of technology parks in the area of high technology. Residents incubator receive advice in 4 main areas: investment, mentors, customers, talent. In addition, there is a special partnership program with universities, is developing a partnership with foreign innovation centers. As a resident of additional infrastructure "Ingria" have the opportunity to rent a furnished jobs in offices and coworking work in the meeting rooms and carry out their own activities in the conference room. VC Day Ingria — it's your own project business incubator "Ingria" sessions on the organization of investment for startups. Last year, the incubator has organized five such events. As a result of participating projects have already attracted investments worth over 50 million rubles. Furthermore, 90% of the projects continue to negotiate with investors.

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