Scientific and Production Enterprise Radar MMS (St. Petersburg)

Scientific and Production Enterprise "Radar MMS" — One of the leading enterprises of the Russian defense industry, which is among the leaders of the St. Petersburg economy. The company employs about 1,400 people.

Oct. 11 St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko and heads of relevant committees acquainted with the latest developments, which may, in particular, be used in the urban economy.

At the airport in Levashovo been demonstrated capabilities flight test facility — airplane-lab IL-114 helicopter-laboratory "ANSAT" unmanned aerial vehicles. Flying Lab can conduct non-stop environmental monitoring, to assess the traffic situation, conduct ice reconnaissance.

The development of "SPE" Radar MMS "may be useful for urban health. According to the General Director — General Designer of "Radar MMS" George Antsev, medical equipment, which produces the company and the price and the quality is no different from their foreign counterparts.

More information about the company (photo)


JSC "Scientific and Production Enterprise" Radar MMS " dates back to January 17, 1950 and is the leading organization in the Russian Federation to establish a transport of highly compact multifunctional electronic systems.

The first word in the company name "Radar" defines the main products of the company — radar guidance system of high-precision weapons. The letters "mms" correspond to the words "micro-electronics, medicine and Systems" and others describe the main activities of the company.


Today JSC "NPP" Radar MMS "is an independent research and production company specializing in the development and production of military and civil avionics, special equipment using microwave and digital technology, sophisticated software, microelectronics, the implementation of logistics support. Among them is necessary include work on the creation of guidance systems for high-precision weapons.

In addition, one of the main and new activities of "Enterprise" Radar MMS "are:

  • design and development of systems landing in the absence of visibility,
  • Avionics for UAVs
  • design and development of integrated radar systems for environmental monitoring of implementation of the sub-surface radar, and provision of related services to implement a radar monitoring,
  • design and development of complex (multi-function and multi-channel) transport of electronic systems,
  • the creation of devices neonatal medicine
  • development of equipment emergency medicine and life-saving equipment,
  • creation of multimedia,
  • systems and systems for special applications.


In recent years, the company deploys its own production, aimed at the use of new technologies that are being developed and debugged on the incoming part of the enterprise research and production complex microelectronics.

The company is equipped with a fleet of production and processing equipment, constantly introducing new capacity being developed modern information technology to develop products and to ensure their quality. The company has a base of microelectronics, multimedia center for information technology.

Particular attention is paid to the organization of large-scale trials that are essential to the creation of a new high-precision weapons and the proper quality. The company provides full cycle of mechanical and environmental reliability tests using dynamic booths, flying laboratory, laboratory helicopter, boats laboratory.




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