Scientific and Production Enterprise SENSOR celebrates 20 years

Scientific and Production Enterprise "sensors" (Zarechniy without restrictions.) Was founded in 1992. SPE "TOUCH" — full-cycle, a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of sensors and instruments and apparatus (instrumentation and automation), automation equipment, explosion-proof electrical equipment, valves with remote control.  

His 20 years of NPP "SENSOR" encounters in the development and updating of: mastering new production facilities, processes, expanding infrastructure.

Only last 2011 enacted 2000 m2 production area, significantly increased fleet of machines and technological equipment, implementation of new technologies for the enterprise associated with machining, soldering, welding, protection units and articles from the external environment. In 2012, plans to increase production space for another 3,000 m2.  


During the 12 months of 2012 the volume of production will be 500 million rubles. with a growth rate of 136%. The average monthly salary in the company of about 40 thousand rubles. The company occupies a leading position in the market of measuring systems and valves for the petrochemical and gas industry in Russia and the CIS. Geography of NPP "SENSOR" is quite extensive: it's more than 5,000 customers in Russia and the CIS.  

In the past since the founding of the time NPP design bureau "sensors" from the ground have been developed and put into a series of dozens of instrumentation and control systems level, temperature, pressure, gas stations and for the oil and gas industry.   


In connection with the promotion of alternative fuels is becoming more popular equipment for the use and transport of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). For this sector of the market "sensors" also offers unique instruments: high-level gauges and solenoid valves.  

Today, the company is actively expanding its product range, and this expansion is mainly due to the instruments, the most popular in industrial energy sector. Paying close attention to the company's specialists are paying develop new and improve existing control equipment for petrol stations.  

Objects application of products: oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas refineries, terminals filling road and rail tank cars, tank cars, tanks, tank containers, including liquefied petroleum gas (propane and butane), ammonia, carbon dioxide, corrosive media, water and other petrol and gas filling stations (gas stations, gas stations, MAZS), including container, modular, automatic, gas-filling stations (GFS), tank farms storage of light oil products (oil base) tanks of sea and river vessels, nuclear power stations , power plant, airports, water intake and water treatment plants, boilers, plants for the production of food products: alcohol, milk, oil, soft drinks, stand-alone power plants, LPG storage tanks, diesel fuel, gasoline, odorant, jet fuel, dimethyl ether, and synthetic mineral oils, acids, alkalis, oil, and more.  

The main challenges that the company has set itself are to improve the quality and reliability of solenoid valves through the use of new materials, technologies and design solutions.  

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