Scientific developments have allowed Tomsk Polytechnic University to attract 1 billion 129 million rubles of investments

The amount of funds raised in the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) at the expense of scientific developments, overcame the bar in 2010 of 1 billion rubles, reaching 1 billion 129 million rubles. The press service of the University. Of these, 754 million rubles were obtained from extra-budgetary funds for contractual works. This figure is higher than any university in the Siberian Federal District, and the performance of all schools in this area in Tomsk. Another 240 million rubles attracted to scientific and technical activities of the university from the state budget, and 134 million rubles TPU earned through mega-projects (Resolution of the Government № № 218-220).

"Such indicators we have achieved, mainly due to our developments. We are now actively working with JSC "ISS Reshetnev" use developments in difektoskopii, energy, water treatment technologies, nanoceramics etc. "- quoted Alexei Tskhe press office.

He stressed that the development of TPU often interested in different foreign companies, but the university is focused primarily on the domestic industry.

"These developments have been invested federal money and the money of Russian investors. Therefore, the development should be implemented in Russia ", — said Alexei Tskhe.

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