Scientific fleet Far Eastern Branch of RAS — 40 years

This year, the Office of Scientific Research Fleet, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences UNIF celebrates its 40th fly. In January 1973, Vladivostok was organized by academic institutes, the main object of study of which becomes Ocean — Pacific Ocean Institute of the Far Eastern Scientific Center of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. To solve the problem the scientists behind the POI FESC in the structure of the USSR Research Center have created a division dedicated to the service of marine expeditions — Division of Research Fleet ONIF.


Almost every institution FESC, who became in 1987 the Far Eastern Branch, have your own boat: Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry — research vessel (RV) "Professor Bogorov" (it was one of the four medium-, displacement of 1,677 tons, the vessel "professorial" series built in Finland to the USSR in the years 1976-1979, and later it was replaced by "Akademik Oparin"), the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics at the Sakhalin — RV "Marine Geophysics", Kamchatka Institute of Volcanology — RV "Vulkanolog", Institute of Chemistry — NIS "Professor Gagarin".

Today, April 18, the staff of the Office of Scientific Research, Far East Branch of the fleet is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Government officials are increasingly repeating the urgency of the revival of Russia as a great naval power. Let us hope that the words ever become the case, and that of the Far Eastern Branch of the RAS will not forget.

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