Scientists believe in life on Mars

It may be that modern researchers are close to unraveling the mysteries of the main XX century, disturbing the minds of millions of humans: is there life on Mars?

Mars has all the conditions for the emergence of life, though it was millions of years ago. Such a conclusion is made by scientists of the Institute of Space Research, reports "Interfax".

As stated at the Days opened in the SRI space science academician Lev Zeleny, the atmosphere, necessary for the maintenance of the forms of life that are known to our native land, with a baby of Mars "blew" the solar wind.

Leo Green, RAS: "The trouble Mars is that he was born small and could not hold its own magnetic field."

The loss of the magnetic field and become fatal to the red planet: the upper atmosphere directly interacted solar wind, and the recharging atmospheric particles, simply "blew" it. Earth is more fortunate — enough and sizes and masses in to write a magnetic field to themselves.

In addition, the study Curiosity rover suggest that Mars once had lakes and rivers, and thus could have been life.

Igor Mitrofanov, a scientist IKI "Mars is just flowing rivers and lakes were. Early Mars is very little different from our Earth. "

Today we can say with certainty that the conditions of life on Mars were. It remains only to answer the burning of millions of people question whether in fact life on Mars, or that the possibility remained unsold? Answer it will help scientists rover Curiosity, with passion studying the red planet, as well as Russian-European project ExoMars, due in 2016.

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