Scientists believe that the brain controls the body

August 4, 2012 8:38


The intention of doing any bodily movement in the brain creates a sense that the movement has already happened, even if in fact the man remained motionless. The discovery could shed light on the mechanisms by which the brain keeps track of the body it controls, according to a study.

Despite the fact that in recent years there has been great progress in the study of how the human brain and its region, responsible for the emergence of the desire to commit a physical act, until recently, remained unknown. Scientists have linked it to the parietal and frontal motor fraction of the brain, but their role individually and how they function together was unclear writes

Lead author of the new publication, Angela Sirigu (Angela Sirigu), a researcher at the Center for Neurobiology of thinking in the French city of Lyon, became interested in this problem in the course of their work with patients who have had an injury back of the parietal lobe of the brain. These patients could not say exactly at what point they have the desire to do any movement.

Sort out the problem Sirigu helped cooperation with neurosurgeons at the Medical Center at the University of Lyon. Here, doctors often perform brain surgery under local anesthesia, stimulating brain tissue by means of electrical signals to prepare for complex operations. During the seven operations to remove cancerous brain tumors colleague Sirigu, neurosurgeon Carmine Mottolez (Carmine Mottolese), the stimulation of individual lobes of the brain, while Sirigu asked patients about their feelings.

At a certain level of stimulation of the parietal lobe patients have reported that they have a desire to move some part of the body, however, the movement patients did not commit.

With more intense stimulation for patients to lie confidence that they have committed a gesture, which originally thought, despite the fact that all this time they remained motionless. In this case, the motor stimulation of the frontal lobes of the brain leads to a real limb movements of patients, but they themselves are not aware of.

"We need a call to action to be pretty sure that the body performs any movement. In this sense that we really make any movement is made up of intention to make a movement of the brain and his vision for what this intention will, "- said in an interview Sirigu rkommentiruya Nature publishing the results of their research.

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