Scientists from South Africa have developed a gel from AIDS

The columns of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna in these days you can see a big red bow — a symbol of the fight against AIDS. At the XVIII International Conference on Problems of the disease, which opened on Monday in the Austrian capital, today presented the results of a three-year program of work of the Center for AIDS Research in South Africa (Caprisa).

South African scientists have developed mikrabitsydny vaginal gel that reduces the risk of women to HIV-infected partner. In experiments attended About 900 residents of KwaZulu-Natal — the province of South Africa, where the disease is most prevalent. Women had use a gel with a high content of a special preparation of AIDS — tenafaviru — once every 12 hours prior to intercourse and once every 12 hours thereafter.

Only in South Africa using a new gel could save 1.3 million people from becoming infected with HIV and 826 000 — from death.

According to the organizers of the research related to comparative data of biopsy tissue of patients, a new gel has proved far more effective pill for the same tenafaviram. Scientists say that it reduces the risk of HIV infection by 50%.

As the South African scientist Dr. Abdul Karim, who led the research, "even a 50 percent efficiency — already a success." According to the calculations of Dr. Karim if the gel will be licensed in South Africa, it will annually save 1.3 million people from becoming infected with HIV and 826 000 — from death.

Report on the results of the experiment is placed in the journal "Science" for July 19. If the results of research patsverdyatstsa in long-term tests, a vaginal gel that will be a real salvation for those women whose partners refuse to use condoms.

Speaking at the Vienna conference, the executive director of the UN agency on AIDS (UNAIDS) Michel Sidybe (Michel Sidibé) said that 20 years of the AIDS were not in vain:

"We gave hope to women, the first time they will be able to engage in the prevention of AIDS and did not have to ask permission to do so from their male partners."

It is assumed that the cost of drugs will be fully available to residents of African and other poor countries. Major California biopharmaceutical company "Gilead Sciences", which released for experimental studies of a new batch of gel and sells other drugs from tenafaviram, renounced all claims to the interest from the sale of the gel in these regions.

The test mikrabitsydnaga funds worth 18 million. Most of the funding comes from UNAIDS.

UNAIDS experts say great progress in South Africa, where 5.7 million people are living with HIV in the fight against AIDS. Among the countries where the disease is retreating, except South Africa, known as Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Zymbabve. (Although on the African continent as a whole, the situation with the disease still remains critical. Here, home to two-thirds of people with AIDS.) Meanwhile, according to the report UNAIDS, more dangerous due to the spread of HIV / AIDS today is the Eastern European countries — such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and others.

According to the official Belarusian statistics, about 67% of the almost 11,000 HIV-infected Belarusians — young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years.

Anything in the world, according to the UN AIDS suffer 33 million people.


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