Scientists have caught a TV show from the dead. Continued Part 2

How to get "there"?

Researchers prefer the so-called radio methods — by far, in their opinion, it is most effective. Do you need the following: Turn on the tape recording, connect the cable to the receiver. And put in front of a microphone. Receiver volume should be adjusted so that the questions you raise are clearly distinguishable against the background of "white noise", or radio broadcasts.
The point of entry for radiopriemnika is that the partners on the other side become available frequency. But nobody knows exactly what they will choose. So you can tune in to the "white noise", that is, the frequency at which no one living is not broadcasting. The speaker will be heard hissing, whistling, grinding. But they generate magnetic fields, contributing to the contact. Against this background noise and voices to manifest themselves.

"Signalers" recommend this method for beginners, whose hearing is not enough trained. Further can be configured to a specific wavelength where the transmission. What? Then everyone decides for himself — by intuition, I guess. But, according to Igor and Artem, "out" more than once asked to use for communication dual-band shortwave 31 meter (10 MHz) and 41 meters (7 MHz). "They" call these ranges "frequency windows", giving them more freedom to penetrate into the world of the living.
— Using the radio method, it is necessary to maintain a critical attitude — warns Artem V.. — Listen to the recording — the process is quite time-consuming. And the listener can easily be misled by the fact that several radio programs, especially at short wavelengths are superimposed on one another. Voices from "over there", adopted by the radio, are for the most part of the transformation of the existing fragments of phrases, and this means that the person on the other side of the spoken language is used as the "raw material" for the formation of messages. In general, to avoid arbitrary interpretations of what has been said, have nothing to do with the paranormal voices, do not use the radio in their native language.

The living do not say

— But how to distinguish the voices from the world of those who randomly can be written out of our or "having" just on a combination of interference? — I'm interested.
— There is a problem — agrees Artem V.. — But, first, as a rule, the content of messages from beyond the grave is directly related either to the subject matter defined by the experimenter, or to the experimenter himself. Second, the real "spiritual" voices have some peculiar characteristics — it does not look like a living person even rhythm and timbre. With the experience of their recognition is not so difficult. In the future, you can overwrite the votes received separately on another tape, or on computer disk as an audio file, to facilitate their learning.

They whisper, moan and scream

Most of the voices are heard only during the subsequent audition tape, but in the world there are clear examples of ITC in the form of direct dialogue through the receiving radios. If you select a particular person on that side, you need to focus and calm mind to call him. Then, when the recorder is turned on, the first question out loud. Wait thirty seconds and ask the following. If you have finished, the film rewind and listen carefully. Better — with the help of good headphones. And a few times, especially listening to the gaps between the issues presented. Answers most of all — single words or short sentences, spoken quickly, — per share or a few seconds. Or, conversely, is so slow that seem meaningless roar. The volume can be different, as well as intelligibility. Sometimes the voice of someone's soul lays his ears.
Advanced professionals often treated recording — slow down or speed up playback. And filtered from unnecessary noise. What is it about the dead?

As it turned out, the man getting into heaven, it is very terse and philosophically minded. This is shown by a few new "statements", and recorded Igor Artemyev.
The question: "Is abortion a crime, and if so, why?" — The answer was: "We're waiting for." In light of the well-known spiritual knowledge it can be interpreted as follows: the soul await the next relocation. And if women kill their children, free souls who will not take root.
During one of the sessions on the radio sound background song, performed by a male voice in English. Suddenly, in the place where he was to refrain intervene female voice sang in Russian: "There is beautiful!"
In response to the question remains whether the physical size of the people and the animals that they were inherent in the physical body, was answered: "We are like the waves."
Came the long monologue from which clear only the beginning and the end: "The immortal man! (Beginning) … Choose your Truth! (At the end)."
"Guardian Angels know about you!" — It's about a missing person.
"The dead are very different" — a deep male voice on the background music.
"You have been given powers!" — A woman's voice on the background music.
"We have children."
And the most beautiful and upbeat, which I heard was, oddly enough, the phrase: "We are waiting for you."
Where are we getting away from you, then …
For thousands of years man has sought to dialogue with the "transcendent." He wanted to know what is below — the final end or a new beginning? Always wanted to comfort yourself that everything is so fast breaks. That relatives and close friends are not dead, and went to live in another world. What is all the same meaning in life. And the only link connecting this and that world are still seances, over which still laugh skeptics.


Artem Mikheev. Mathematician by training, in 2001 he graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, St. Petersburg State University in 2004 — postgraduate study. Now working as a teacher of the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University.
Igor Konshin. In 1992 he graduated from the Polytechnic College Severodvinsk. He has a degree in economics. Works in St. Petersburg as a design engineer in the ventilation company "Ayr Klima."

Opinion skeptic

Sergei Samoilov, physics, Ph.D.:
— Peace is not dead. I can prove this in two ways.
a) There is a law of conservation of energy. It is impossible to break. Now imagine that the hundreds of billions of people who died during the existence of mankind, are eager to communicate with their relatives still alive and just curious. On this matter, they have to spend a huge amount of energy. Where did they take her? Answer does not give any medium.
b) According to the theory of probability over millions of years of human existence was supposed to be the spirit of a "power" that he would easily spread the strong waves, which could take any receiver or a person. And this spirit if he reaches out to people, has led to a strong case of the existence of the world beyond the grave, that can not be denied. Hunters for the acoustic ghosts
Thousands of people around the world are involved in such mystical experiments. Developed transkommunikatsionnye organizations exist in the United States, Brazil, Spain, Germany, France and Luxembourg. In Russia there was something similar only at the beginning of this year. The initiators of the association of local researchers ITC — Igor Konshin and Artem Mikheev — set a goal: to strengthen the alliance between the living and the dead, that they remembered each other.

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