Scientists have confirmed the existence of the Looking-Glass

July 1, 2012 19:52

Italian physicists have analyzed experiments with neutrons Russian researcher Anatoly Serebrova and came to the conclusion that he was able to find the entrance to Wonderland.

Scientists have confirmed the existence of the Looking-Glass

In experiments Serebrova neutrons disappear. Italian physicists believe that they became mirror particles parallel world like the one visited by the Lewis Carroll tale heroine Alice.

However, this story began not with Carroll, and with the experience of Russian physicist. In 2007, Anatoly Serebrov conducted this experiment ultracold neutron gas (ie, consisting of neutrons with a very low energy) fell into the trap, which is a sphere with a horizontal axis and a window. Neutrons are captured in the moment of turn traps around the axis.

As a result, the particle kinetic energy is less than the potential energy in the gravitational field of the Earth, appeared to "catch" (neutrons to be used in experiments an ultracold gas of just such is). After that, the trap was reversed the window down and was a prisoner of the neutron "falling out" in the detector. So scientists have measured the number of neutrons captured by the trap. He repeated this several times, and change the time of holding the neutrons. In the end, managed to measure Serebrov exponential decay of the neutron.

Analyzing the results obtained, a physician faced with a strange fact, which did not know how to explain. The scientist said that 1% of the neutrons disappear. Scientists have not been able to find any reason that could explain this strange phenomenon. According to the laws of conservation of energy and mass, no particle can not appear out of nowhere and suddenly disappear into nowhere. True, then they came up with the idea that they lost during the experiments neutrons could turn into a hypothetical particles called neutrons mirrored in science.

It should be noted that experiments Serebrova — this is not the only phenomenon in which manifest themselves mirrored neutrons. For example, earlier Russian scientists from the Lebedev Physical Institute, exploring the nature of lightning, found that when lightning discharge mass neutrons come out of nowhere.

Italian scientists Fabrizio and Zurab Berezhiani Be sure that the experiments prove the existence Serebrova through the mirror. In their view, the probability of conventional neutron mirror depends on the magnetic field, which holds the neutrons in the trap. Physicists have calculated even the time of the transition. It turned out that the transition in Wonderland is not so fast — neutron can become a mirror and back for 3-10 seconds. Moreover, the Italian physicists believe that there is near-Earth Wonderland, and even consider it possible to experimentally determine whether it mirrored the solar system and what properties it has.

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