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Feng Shui and health.

Ancient Chinese physicians, perhaps, the first to hit upon the idea does not treat the disease, and its cause — the imbalance of energy in the human body. Each of the five elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) is responsible for the operation of certain organs and systems, and if the energy of the "magnificent five" are balanced, then excellent health guaranteed. And "make friends" primary elements may be working on themselves and their housing. Read Tips "Astrosalona" and be healthy!

Balancing element can help you solve the problem …

Fire. The heart and circulatory system, small intestine, impaired speech, excessive irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness.

Earth. The stomach and gastrointestinal tract, digestion, pancreas, spleen, immune, lymphatic system, anemia, hemorrhoids, excess or deficiency of weight spine.

Metal. Light and all pulmonary diseases, large intestine, allergic reactions, skin diseases.

Water. The work of the kidneys and bladder, reproductive organs, sciatica, edema, disorders of the central nervous system.

Tree. Liver and gall bladder, vision, balance and coordination of movements, tendons, lack of flexibility of the joints, cramps, menstrual periods in women.


Take care of the ordering of life

To improve health, learn to bring to an end all started things and not grasping for a new idea, yet do not implement the old one. How boring would not seem wise counsel of Chinese, but the mode of the day will be absolutely necessary, and with it the morning exercise and eating a well-defined clock. Be sure to allow time for quiet reading or hobbies such as knitting or stamp collecting.

The apartment

First of all, you need to find a place where there are several household appliances — TV, stereo, tape, heater, etc. They over-amplify the energy of fire. Hang a picture of calm in the area — for example, a family photograph in nature, or any landscape in a square frame, avoiding any images of water and activity. Living there is better to place a squat — a solid chair or cabinet. Those parts of the apartment that seem too colorful, better than the "mute", adding earth elements, objects, yellow-brown or made of clay and stone — ceramic ware, collection of minerals, stone trinket. The final touch of a harmonious interior and step on the road to health will be a desk or a collection of books, placed in the southern part of the apartment.


Get rid of the guilt

Feel that you are — a free man, and, in fact, no one and nothing is required. If someone provides a service, accept it with gratitude, but do not feel indebted. Learn to trust responsibilities to others and to deny asylum annoying when their requests conflict with your interests. Set a readily achievable goal, love and pamper yourself. And if we will take a yoga class or any of the martial arts, the Earth element will reward you good health.

The apartment

Scraped away the old debris and get rid of things you no longer use. By the way, during those periods, especially when health starts to "play tricks", be sure to spend a spring cleaning the house and dispose of all unnecessary. Especially make sure that the bedroom and living room maintains an appropriate balance of free and used space — they do not have to "gape" voids or too cluttered with furniture. For the central room (it stands for your health) choose bright wallpaper. Not afraid of the epithet "philistinism", flavored with interior gold, silver and white details. Last, but very important piece of advice: in the center of the apartment in a prominent place post-round metal object — for example, decorative dish of fruit or a rare coin.


Enjoy every day

Chinese medicine says — too strict order in everything, not only kills the creativity in a person, but also harmful to health. The human body needs a joyful spontaneity and emotions. Allow yourself to have fun and fool around, spend more time playing with the kids, meeting with friends and loved ones — it balances the element of Metal. See comedy, read joke books and comic books. But the best advice — accept yourself for who (which) you have!

The apartment

Look close to the northwestern corner of your apartment — if it does not seem too cold and boring? Instead office or on the desktop there is better positioned recreation area, put a couch or armchair. Check out this part of the apartment is better in muted dark blue tones, getting rid of the iron objects and electrical appliances. But hang on a wall seascape, put a vase of fresh flowers or an aquarium is necessary. A small detail — of your fish have to be at least one black, and if the role of the amateur aquarist does not seem attractive — buy black fish made of wood, and put all in the same north-west corner of the apartment. More often give yourself a break in the frantic pace of life, and meditate looking at your aquarium or "wooden" fish — of course, under the tape with the noise of the ocean.


Go with the flow

Remember the saying, "all that is done, all the better," and think about where is your life flow. Can I use the painful efforts to escape from or ahead of his time? Alas, no! Instead of wasting time on an empty struggle, much better (and healthier) to adjust to the flow — he will bring you to the right place. In order to release the energy of Water-confidence and improve your health with the help of the Chinese doctors recommend classes in drawing, dancing and, of course, swimming.

The apartment

The two main sources of water in our homes are located in the kitchen and in the bathroom. These are the "intimate areas" of the apartment must be in perfect condition — cleaned, clean and not cluttered with unnecessary items. Make sure the valves and pipes to avoid leaks, and no matter how amused you the following advice — always close the toilet lid. Otherwise, along with water, it can carry and your vitality. If the interior of all the rooms are too many dark colors, it is better to dilute or even replace the green, light green, turquoise. It is desirable that dominated the vertical lines, not horizontal — for example, strips of the wallpaper, aristocratic floor lamps, high-backed chairs. Extremely fine harmony will slim potted plant, delivered in the northern part of the apartment.


Learn to look at life easier

You should not hold grudges for a long time, together with the surrounding rocks in the bosom. Someday, these stones will be typed too much to your health could withstand them. Every time you feel resentment, start a long walk in the park or forest. Besides her, normalize the element tree and get rid of the disease will help regular massage and athletics.

The apartment

Grandma's legacy — a good thing, but instead of bulky items of interior, antique wardrobe and cupboard, give preference to their descendants easy — "undignified" youth furniture, such as wicker. If you throw out "good" hand is not raised, the room where it is, try it blossom red or orange wallpaper and a chandelier to buy more powerful, and for curtains and furniture to choose fabrics with a triangular pattern. So you balance the Wood element, and with it, and health. Do not be afraid to experiment, often rearrange the furniture and replace the light fluffy carpet mats. And if the flooring can generally do without them. Wonderful invigorating element for you and the whole family will be orange candle or a lamp with a red shade, set in the eastern corner of the apartment. Just do not forget to light it more often.

Author: Astro-Vasilisa Volodin


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