Secrets of the old Cossack

The one who does not respect the customs of the people do not keep them in your heart, the shame is not only his people, but above all do not respect themselves, their family, their ancient ancestors.

1. Cossack can not consider himself a Cossack, if does not know and does not comply with the original ancient traditions and customs of the Cossacks. Cossack! Desire to know their ancestors out of pure love, and your efforts will be crowned in the end self-knowledge.

2. Knowledge — something very individual, and is not transmitted as many words as
action, but you know — all knowledge requires "the board." Because to pay for everything, and for knowledge — especially! And the fee is not so much a teacher as a student because the only lesson of life is part of it, part of it is converted.

3. Cossack should know that any, even the smallest little things for him hidden Experience! But the experience — is a framework, the foundation of Knowledge! No one can prevent a person to obtain experience, no prison can stop thinking thinking man! Experience can always remove all of the …

4. It is also dangerous to hold knowledge in itself is not passing to their descendants. If knowledge is not shared with trained people to their perception, they are concentrated in one point can "break" the psyche of the mountain keeper and he can go crazy. According to a legend from the witch doctor, do not convey knowledge, he can not die until he finds a worthy successor. So do not be "stingy": Wisdom Knowledge should always be fresh and clean

5.Kazak even very strong and developed, his life struggling to learn how to control himself. It begins this way to bring order and cleanliness in your body, then — in the clothes and the physical environment, then it harmonizes the relationship with family and friends, and only if he has a certain order, and hence control over their emotions. Only then, that he becomes a wonderful gift of intuitive sense as other living beings and the world in general. Caring for hygienic cleanliness of the body not only cleanses our bodies external perception, but also discipline our spirit, strengthens the will and teaches to the attention and the ability to care not only for themselves but also for others.

6. So get up early, as soon as you wake up, do not lie idle half asleep in bed. First of all, when just opened their eyes after sleep, not sharply rise from bed, go barefoot to the feet touch the ground in the fresh air and breathe them, shall go out of you "old spirit", and the negative energy accumulated over night at his feet leave the ground . After a good wash with fresh water, and even better — the shower. This way you revive your body and prepare it to work.

7. Exercising during washing your will at the same time in order to wash away dirt from the physical body as the moral impurity.

8. Cossack! Purified, proceed to dressing and know: clothes Cossack — is his shield and his sword. Clothing ancient Cossacks perceived as a second skin. She daetzaschitu of physical manifestations of the outside world — it is a direct, basic and natural function of clothing. But she has a secret and hidden, mystical function! Such as Time, pattern, embroidery on the collar and sleeves is oberezhnye signs come to us from antiquity. Mother, embroidering baby clothes, creates ornament — a symbol that is associated with the generic space character, and this amulet provides protection. Also, in it — part of the soul of the one who creates the matter. The bride, escorted on a long journey Cossack in a pattern of "hiding" their love, loyalty, and memory, their part of the soul, which is a link between it and the root of Im.Vot second hand clothings Medals. On the one hand — the protection from the outside world of the body, on the other — the protection of the small world of their feelings, soul and mind.

9. Ancient Cossacks believed that the purity of the clothing and home is a necessary condition of friendship Kharakternyky with celestial powers, so our ancestors often wore just white clothes, fashion black came with the adoption of the Jewish religion (Christianity and Islam). — No Cossack "pass" to the Light Forces, if he has a dirty shirt collar or "greasy" sleeves. If it is possible to be clean, and he was in the dirt — let poberezhetsya, fate will punish negligent warrior!

10. House, Cossack, it is his little universe, where he is the master — the Creator, because the fact of order in this little world Cossack personally responsible to the gods and ancestors.

11. Every morning, rising from sleep, as the old Cossacks in antiquity truly glorify their gods and ancestors — that your slavleniya supported them and helped them, and they in turn, strengthen the power in you to resist the temptations of the passions. After all, when the tradition of a Cossack — he finds the collective power of their mighty ancestors. He is stronger in terms of force and is able to achieve great heights in art Kharakternyky.

12. Mentally imagine the image of their patron god. Achieve permanent image with the fullness of all the details, think of him with awe, and ask him to, he will guide you from making mistakes. This is in large measure will strengthen your power of concentration, to purify the heart and will benefit in many other ways.

13. Getting food thank the gods for the food that they are granted to us to maintain the Cossack birth. During the meal, in order to exercise the will of the fact that the food is well digested and built to your body into harmony with your spiritual aspirations, and bare not be evil passions and sinful thoughts. Eat only when you feel hungry, drink only when you are thirsty, and not otherwise. If any dish starts tempt your stomach, do not be tempted to try it just to satisfy their desire. Remember that the pleasure derived from it, did not exist just a few seconds earlier, and that it will disappear after a few seconds, remember that this is the enjoyment, and that what is now a pleasure, at higher doses becomes a pain. After Poison — it dose! And everything is poison and medicine at the same time. What to measure the medicine. What is beyond measure — the poison. Define the measure allows the internal sense, the appetite. Ancient wisdom sovetavali Cossacks: ends with a meal when you are hungry. When hard to break away from the chair and could barely breathe from the belly stuffed — it's not to your health! There is a need to chew slowly. Kazak, know who long chews, he lives a long life!

14. To maintain the strength of the body and for the recovery of the patient, a Cossack Kharakternyky to use substances that are nearby, in conjunction with our bodies. Now this long do not remember, forget, but our ancestors knew that the best health and the immune system is a natural food native to the region in which one lives (as well as herbs)!

15. After the meal, you are ready for classes. Cossack should have the power — it's a necessity! Without personal power can be no question of harakternichestve. The first thing one has to learn to accumulate the strength of five elements: sky, air, fire, water and earth.

16. To purchase the strength of our heavenly bodies: the moon, sun and stars use these simple exercises. Look at the sun without blinking. First, it is impossible, therefore, see that the left, the right eye alternately. It strengthens the power of the eye and nourish your body. Of increases — Will! Nasheyu day above the earth in the clouds hovering primordial Falcon Spirit will of the people … Night of the Cossack is also looking at the moon, she guards the dreams our dreams and evangelism Pra-Owl, Spirit-Mind … It's our two forces bereguschie our nation, the people our … They follow each other, and better, when both of you are friends with you. The strength of the sun and the power of the moon, the will and wisdom. We join them in yourself.

17. Power Stars — one of the most subtle and it "wraps" invisibly, slowly but uverenno.Vbiray it gradually.

18. Air, Wind, Whirlwind, breathing — a way of familiarizing to the element of Air. The strength of this nature — extremely enigmatic. No one knows exactly how there Whirlwind. Before birth the human body, to form a vortex of energy mother and father (at conception). Before the emergence of the planets also arises a whirlwind. Whirlwind elusive. He is the beginning and end of all things. When a person dies and the body is still there, and the vortex already carries a "soul." Without a soul, the body breaks down the vortex … to purchase air force going one on the street. Sit face to the wind flow, open up to him, and sit, feeling the flow.

19. Fire Power acquired during jumping through fire. When our body goes through the flame, the fire burned all the negative energy in the energy shell of a man, and it is cleared. And when walking barefoot on hot coals stronger willpower and activate internal reserves. Before going on the hot track, glorify the gods and ancestors, and say: "To me the fire burns the creator Semargl fire purify me"

20. Water kozache — the most powerful cleaning agent. Since ancient times knew about it and used everywhere. Pure spring water — it is the power of the Water of Life. In healing, it is a very strong medicine. And as a drink, and as a cleaner bath.

21. Force of the earth is another source of energy storage. Earth is our protector. Stepping on Earth — we eat it by force. Becoming barefoot on the earth bowed to the four corners of the world.

22. Task Cossack Kharakternyky — constant cleaning and storage of energy! The higher the skill Kharakternyky, the faster it recovers spent force.
Not being able to repair itself — do not poke your nose into harakternichestvo. Without the protection and personal power trying to interfere in the life of the Subtle World — just stupid and naive suicide!

23. Kazak know! Against any force there is always another force.

24. Friends with metal. Anyone who equates curves nails — not dying of metal!

25. Have your weapons, it continued Cossack Kharakternyky hands. Because it should be his, family, and no one should touch him from strangers.

26. Be strict with yourself and others. Rigor — it does not mean indifference. Strictly heart often hides great love.

impact and the fragility of pleasure delivered by them. Strongly wish for to make every effort not to succumb to them next time. Such self analysis and engaging himself to the court of his own conscience will help your spiritual growth to the extent of what you never dreamed of before. After all, the most worthwhile victory is victory over oneself!

28. In relation to the others to observe the following rules. 1) Do not ever do that is not your duty, that is, unnecessary things. So before you do anything, think about whether it's your duty. 2) Never say unnecessary words. Before you say them, think about their possible consequences. 3) Never allow yourself to violate their principles, yielding to the pressure of others.

29. Never allow unnecessary or empty thoughts occupy your mind. At first try to stop the evil or idle thoughts, letting the mind to an analysis of their errors, or the contemplation of ideals.

30. Get used to being alone, get used to being alone with her thoughts.

31. The stored energy can not be destroyed, it must be translated into other forms or transformed into other types of movement, it can not remain forever dormant.

32. It is useless to try to drown out the passion that we can not control. If it does not store energy is introduced into other channels, it will grow until it becomes stronger than the will, and stronger than reason. To control it, you have to put it into another, more superior canal. Thus, a love for something past can be replaced in its transformation into a love for something sublime, and sin can be turned into a virtue change the plug end.

33. Passion is blind, it goes where it leads, and reason for it is a more reliable leader than instinct. Accumulated anger (or love) will certainly find a place to vent their anger on him, or he can cause an explosion damaging for his master. For peace of mind should the storm. Our ancestors said that nature abhors a vacuum. We can not destroy or abolish passion. If it is to drive away, the other natural effect will take its place. Should not attempt to destroy the poor, without him nothing in return, but should be replaced by low-high, defect — a virtue, superstition-knowledge.

34. Know that there is no healing of desire, there is no other cure for thirst awards, there is no other cure of torture unsatisfied passion, as unwavering aspiration sight and hearing that silently and invisibly.

35. Cossack should believe in their innate capacity development.
36. The whole past life of the Cossack people shows that difficulty is no excuse for despondency, and even more for despair.

37. Determination is the first occurrence of the need for a Cossack who has chosen his path. Where do you find it? Looking closely, one can easily see what others draw this determination. Its Source — unwavering conviction.

38. Man at war with himself and winning this battle, able to do it only when it is, feel that this war — the only thing that would have to make for yourself.

39. Not just live in the present, live in the eternal.

40. Purity of soul can be achieved in two ways. First, aggressively chase away any evil thought, and secondly, keep the balance of the mind in all conditions, never assume excitement or stimulation.

41. The Cossacks did not have to sit around without effort to move because they felt perfect. Let each reveal aspiration and work in the right direction, and the first step in this direction will be the purification of the heart.

42. Mind needs cleaning once a Cossack experienced anger or uttered a lie, or say (do) something for flattery, or puts any misleading insincere speech or deed.

43. Aspiring to promotion should avoid passion, anger, greed, and to develop the courageous obedience Holy Vedas left by ancestors.

44. When the Cossack Forces gets it does not have no friends, no enemies, because all are for him both friends and enemies, friends are weak, because of them, he gets food.

45. Friendship — it's a great thing when it is based — Equal partnership! But if one is sitting on the neck of another — it is a false friendship. What is an equal partnership, today few people know: it was destiny and ancient warriors Kharakternyky. Spirit warriors recognize each other by sight force, even had never met. One look said to them all, he unites them — independent single — one whole army of warriors Spirit. This warrior Kharakternyky not run away when asked for help, hovering over the precipice. He's helping hand and pull on the afflicted area. But for this he must be suffering man! This is the law of force.

46. Living Truth Kharakternyky, any work performed primarily for the sake of art, and he always paid for this work. But low pay — an insult to the power that uses a Cossack. The price you need to know and do not be afraid of a fair price. Also, be aware of what is needed above all thanks to the person who expresses it! Make a good deal already has the blessings of life, but one who is not thanked for their help or not sincere thanks — always poimeet trouble. Because Master Kharakternyky and puts the value of his work, so as not to provoke people to future misery … So do not be afraid to name the price, if you believe in yourself. No one will blame you. Blamed if I could, but did not help! Work for "free" (when the devil pays) — a "show off", look for glory deceive themselves and others, bringing them into the illusion …
Should pay for everything — that's the law of the universe …

47. Cossack born warrior, and with the birth of the baby began his military school. Know! Warriors have their own laws. But do not expect them too impossible. Even after a year, ten or forty years, but life will give them the opportunity to pay the debt. All the while, they are not free. Therefore Cossack Kharakternyky tries to live so that would not be a debtor to anyone and anything, and even though it may seem to someone and that he is a debtor in most cases, it is nonsense. Kharakternyky not take "on loan" before not worked out. He either gives himself, or charge a fee for their service.

48. Cossack! LEARN to be grateful! Everything and always. And do not rush to lend.
It is better to earn, for the one who owes, he is sure to lose.

49. A warrior Kharakternyky trick is nearly impossible, if it is indeed Kharakternyky. After experienced Cossack never fully trust anyone. A warrior knows that nothing is absolute and constant in the world is, and so it always leaves a chance for unpredictable. This distinguishes Kharakternyky from reckless "heroes."

50. Kharakternyky constantly exploring life: it is always for a new and mysterious, and he never says to himself: "I know everything." He says, "I know that I do not know, but I want to live." Because a warrior can not be deceived … trust yourself completely to something — a slave! Cossack is no slave. Warrior and Slave — these are two different poles. Victory in a slave — the most difficult and the most important battle WARRIOR SPIRIT! ..

51. Therefore, Cossack, reconsider their actions one day, mark my mistakes, and make the decision not to repeat them tomorrow.

52. Cossack! In the evening, after work, before going to bed — do not be lazy to wash, relax in the warm heart muscle, to give them a "bear" of all the toxins and this day's work to prepare yourself for a journey into the world of dreams. Before going to sleep, read praise the gods and ancestors as well as in the morning.

Author: Wise

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