Secrets of the Proto-Slavic runes from the crown

Secrets of the Proto-Slavic runes from the "crown"

Warm June evening memorable resident Ulyanovsk Antonina Petrovna Ivaneevoy long. After the end of the usual show, she decided to go down to the basement to the first floor balcony of vegetables for dinner. Habitually turn on the light, Antonina Petrovna began to descend the stairs. Everything was as usual. But suddenly she heard a woman under his feet inhuman cry. First, Antonina was afraid to look down, but a few agonizing seconds overcame fear and looked at the bottom of the stairs. By what he saw a woman literally speechless and lost consciousness. Husband found a woman only a few hours. Why so scared Antonin?

Wedding light

In 1965, during the excavation of a construction excavator of the hotel "Crown" builders left the construction site at night, noticed a strange pit in bluish glow. For totally unknown reasons glow is clearly palpable fear and light paralyzing panic. Poor building on one side like a closer look at the source of unknown light, and on the other — as if they pinned to the boxes in which they were sitting at a table. In the morning the whole team have found a completely deranged state. They lost all coordination and could not remember anything from the night before. Only a few days for them to come back early fragmentary memory. We managed to find a witness of the events, who asked to remain anonymous agreed to reveal to us the events of that ill-fated night.

According honored builder after the change he and two friends stayed at the site to discuss the work plan in a calm atmosphere. Colleagues are located under the excavator bucket standing near the empty boxes out of nails. Impromptu table built from the empty spool from the cable. After an hour with a small one of the builders suddenly felt weak and fell to the ground. "Then we realized that something very strange is going on. Somewhere there was a strange blue light, it became difficult to maintain coordination and even breathe, "- says about these difficult moments builder.

Once again fallen colleague managed to sit on the box, a man interested in the source of illumination and decided to go to the edge of the pit. Alas, the first attempt did not succeed. Despite the fact that the builders of supporting each other, they could barely walk a few steps. Legs gave way, all swam before my eyes, "this was the feeling that we are on the deck in a storm." Finally, after several attempts, it was decided to abandon the idea. But our source agreed by all means check out what's on the bottom of the pit, and crawled over to him.

"It was very hard. Eyes with every meter more bloodshot, his head is squeezed like a vice "- says the builder. However, he managed to reach the edge of the pit, where he saw the source of the strange glow. The light was coming from a bottomless hole in the ground, like a tunnel. On the part of the surface it was closed iron gates with strange inscriptions. In the hole was drawn like a magnet, but at the same time it was impossible to take a step to fall into it. "I realized that if get there, it's forever," — says the man.

Woke builder a few days in the hospital. It turned out that just by looking at a strange bluish glow, he received severe poisoning. Expected to see a man in his hospital bed, his wife, but saw two clean-shaven men in blue uniforms with red and blue caps in their hands. Recalls the builder, they called themselves the "Guardians of the society." "Then me and my friends strictly ordered to forget about what happened, and never tell anyone about this."

15 days after discharge from the hospital on the advice of the Guardians, he was transferred from the post of team leader to the position of an ordinary laborer, and on the other site. So did his friends. "Probably to quickly forgotten" — said the man. But the blue light and gave him no peace, the secret lies in the soul of a heavy load. Share the secret with us man decided only after we told him about our quest and the incident with Antonina.


Her husband found a woman with no signs of life. The man was taken aback. It was not clear where to call and what to do. Antonina was lying at the bottom of the cellar as the dead. Gathering his thoughts, the man decided to make his wife artificial mouth to mouth and heart massage. After these procedures, Antonina started to show signs of life. However, in this case, has not been without hospital. The symptoms were the same as in the case of a 40 year old — poisoning, dizziness, loss of coordination …

Coming in a few days out of the hospital, Antonina told us about what she saw. According to her, she opened the bottom of the tunnel with a massive steel doors, out of which came an icy blue light and heard voices. Among them Antonin very clearly identified one beautiful female voice, who called favorite. At the voice of Antoninus and react. Carefully looking at the shape of light, she discerned in him a silhouette of a young girl in a wedding sundress with strange characters. The girl called to him and at the same time calling her fiance, who was lost forever. It was after this realization, Antonina and lost consciousness.

How can one explain this paranormal phenomenon that, even judging only according to our witnesses, can be called a system, and even common for Ulyanovsk? Maybe somewhere in the center of Ulyanovsk open tunnels in parallel worlds? And may be the case in an underground alien base, the existence of which in Ulyanovsk, a lot of rumors? Or in Ulyanovsk sewage bred glowing monsters? There are many solutions, but which one is correct? We decided to ask the experts. But to do that they had yet to find …

Wedding egregore

First task seemed to us quite complicated, but in a couple days, talking to representatives of the esoteric circles of Ulyanovsk, we realized that the real experts in Ulyanovsk on the subject a little bit. We managed to talk to the three of them.

The first one we talked about the amazing glow, was hereditary magician Waldemar — Member of the Academy of healing, the author of several major books on the power of sex mascots. Waldemar has his own practice to solve love problems. He told us that he has already met several times with similar cases. According to him, the whole thing in a wedding egregor ("mental condensate") of the ancients, which finds its way out through the flow of energy. Egregore created ancient bride, who was separated from her fiance by witchcraft, and now the bride is trying to return to the world of the living to do a love spell on her husband. But the output of energy flows may not. According Voldemar, both helped cause the wedding egregore internal forces contactees who, for sure, at the moment of contact, looking for ways to love spell.

Waldemar and suggested ways of dealing with podnevechnym egregore with love magic. According to him, to fully insure against such cases, we need only take a short course of treatment of sexual karma he or another hereditary certified healer.

After hearing Voldemar that does not skimp on the explanation and demonstration of the numerous diplomas and certificates of various occult Academy and Institute of karma, we decided to go to an exact science.

Near Ulyanovsk has a giant spaceport

Alas, physicists flatly refused to discuss with us the secret of a bluish glow. However, in the scientific community we managed to get to a true specialist.

Andrew Naumovich many years closely studies the invisible energy and mystery of matter and perfectly mastered the method of dowsing, the hands collected set of instruments for the diagnosis of aura. Methods Andrew Naumovich appears, tested and effective, because the life he is quite successful in raising bio adjustment for everyone.

According to this expert, the cause of the glow and incomprehensible to its effect on the biofield contactees — is, without doubt, increased the points of intersection grid power lines Kaylee Hartman-through effects of the energy field "water loop" formed by the Volga and Sviyaga. "The already powerful at building energy flow is magnified due to the impact of counter raznozaryazhennyh magnetic fields produced water — said the expert. — Hence, the impact on the body.

According to Andrew Naumovich, about a property of space is magnified earth energy knew very ancient. According to the healer, where now Ulyanovsk was standing temple — the transmitting station of ancient contact with one of the planets of the star system Betelgeuse. It was there, according to experts, and has come of human civilization.

Cases with Antonina and the construction of the "crown" Andrew Naumovich explains the presence in the contact signal amplifier. In the first case, the signal strengthened metal stairs to the basement, and the second — boom excavator, which is located under the builders. But who is the transmitted signal? The answer to this question is also a specialist. According to him, under all the Ulyanovsk in its central and Zavolzhskaya parts giant spaceport is designed to evacuate the residents of transmitter at the apocalypse. Which in Ulyanovsk, apparently, and is expected soon. Otherwise, run the old transmitter does not make sense — says Andrey Naumovich.

Secrets of the Proto-Slavic runes from the "crown"

After revelations specialist aura and biofield we got a bit scared, so we decided to go for a positive to folk grandmother Anna.

Alas, the People's grandmother as actively practicing, I was able to find time to meet with us only a week after his conversation with Andrew Naumovich. Known to the whole city, "grandmother" was a strong woman in her blossoming over 30.

First of all she was interested in the inscription on the gate to a secret tunnel is glowing. We have reproduced them as best they could with a recording of memories of our witnesses. "People's money" immediately issued a verdict. According to her, these labels — the ancient Slavonic runic script, deciphering which alone can be the key to the puzzle. Alas, Anna Slavonic runes does not own. "Specialists runke generally a bit", — said the "people's money".

However, the Internet, we were able to find a specialist in deciphering the inscription on the gate of a secret tunnel. Here is a brief transcript sent to us:

"Inside the solar circle large rune" K "," KRATA "in ancient means sign, invitation, love, women's womb. The circumference of the smaller central runes runes, which, alas, no one remembered — this spell. On one of the beams of the solar circle pentagon with runes — an ancient symbol of the five worlds — Sun, Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars. In this case, means the moon. In pentagon four runes "strong" ("C") and one rune "is pleased" ("P"). Likely indicates that the strength of the moon in the day, which can be calculated on the Status of the pentacle on the solar disk, give strength to open a women's womb. It is an ancient spell that triggered a certain day and hour. "

Alas, this knowledge has not led to the secret … What really saw contactees? The answer to this question yet, but we hope that sooner or later he will appear and we can finally solve possibly the greatest mystery of Ulyanovsk.

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