Sergei Kovalenko had lost weight, but continues hunger strike

Vitebsk CCP BPF activist on hunger strike for the temporary detention center from the 9th of July. Sergei Kovalenko hunger strike to protest against the unjust, in his opinion, detention and punishment.

Syarey Kovalenko fast in bad conditions: in the chamber of the temporary detention is very stuffy, detained on the street do not take and pass the drinking water do not allow.

The al fresco activist was detained for Lately only twice: when he was hauled off to court. The last time it was yesterday. Relatives who came to support Sergei offered him keep health and to end the strike. He refused. Convey the detainee drinking water is not allowed to police guards told on the phone the younger brother of activist Vitaly Kovalenko:

"We brought him something to eat, but he did not take. Water is generally not allowed to pass. So he's hungry and drink water from the tap."

Vitali said that the brother of significantly thinner, but is holding up well:

"It is evident that the lost weight, and lost badly. And so tired, looking very tired. But do not complain about the health and state of mind is good, wow."

GaladavatsSyargey Kovalenko going to the exit from the temporary detention. He got there in the evening of the 8th of July, and has the freedom to enter tomorrow after the 10th in the evening.

Recall that the Vitebsk activist serving a disciplinary detention imposed on him the leadership Pershamaiski rayaddela police for violation of serving a conditional sentence.

Sergei Kovalenko, was sentenced to three years of imprisonment "conditional" for the fact that on January 7, he posted a white-red-white flag on the city's main Christmas tree, as well as for disobeying police during his arrest.

Violation of the regime was the fact that on July 8, Sergei Kovalenko returned home later than 21 minutes as one. Mother activist Lidia Kovalenko, said that the police themselves provoked delay: waiting for the son to come back and do not let the entrance, until he reached the control time.

As a sign of protest against the recent arrest and detention of the former, when the activist vinavatsitsli of disorderly conduct and was placed on a few days custody, Sergei Kovalenko and declared a hunger strike.

He said that the charges against him are false, and detain him for one purpose only — that he did not arrange in action with a white-red-white stsyagami.Tamu happen and preventive detention just ahead of some significant events — in front of the Victory Day, City Day, Independence Day on July 3, before the start of the "Slavonic Bazaar".

Relatives fear that administrative violations recorded during the departure of "conditional" punishment for the national flag on a Christmas tree can be the basis for the revision of the sentence. And instead of "conventional" Sergei Kovalenko may award a penalty to the "chemistry" or even imprisonment.



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