Sergei Kovalenko hunger strike protest

Vitebsk is an activist in the detention center to address Pershamaiski police department. On July 8, he was taken into custody for 10 days.

Sergei Kovalenko said that holding a hunger strike on July 9, but from custody could not report it before. He says that thus Protests against the unjust detention of the last, previous charges of disorderly conduct and criminal sentence for hanging out on January 7, white-red-white flag on the city's main Christmas tree.

Last Sergei Kovalenko, was detained near his home for alleged violation of the regime of serving a conditional sentence, which was awarded to him for hanging the flag.

The police made the report that he returned home later the 21st hour, which is considered to be a violation of the regime. Mother activist Lidia Kovalenko said that the delay was caused — police attended, when Sergei back, and just did not let him into the entrance until the monitoring time has not left.

Relatives activists worry that the violation of the fixed may result in a change of punishment for Sergei Kovalenko: instead of the conditional award he can "chemistry" or even imprisonment.

Today activist who hunger strike for the 5th day, custody October brought in district court, where it is scheduled to consider a claim against the newspaper "Vitbichi" and chairman of the executive committee of Victor Nikolaikin. Sergei Kovalenko insisted that he be given time to find a lawyer, as relatives without him to do so failed.

Recall lawsuit against the newspaper "Vitbichi" Vitebsk City Executive Committee and Chairman of the CCP BPF activist wrote after the appearance of the article "To bad, when we feel good." In his opinion, the article contained defamatory information. Besides article appeared just after the meeting in the executive committee, where the chairman Viktor Nikolaikin discussed with journalists act Sergei Kovalenko — hanging white-red-white flag on the tree during the New Year performance at Victory Square.



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