Sergei Kovalenko was released

July 18 Sergey Kovalenko near the detention center met the mother. She says she was afraid of further provocations by the police.

Sergei Kovalenko stopped the hunger strike, which began 10 days ago to protest against the unjust, in his opinion, arrests and convictions.

Last time he was arrested on the eve of the opening of the festival "Slavic Bazaar" and placed custody to address Pershamaiski police department. On Sergei Kovalenko was drawn for violation of the serving of "conditional" sentence, sentenced in May. Three years of "conditional" Sergei awarded for hanging out a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree and for disobeying police during his arrest.

One of the points of the regime, which must obey the "conditional" doomed, — a return home no later than 21 hours. According to the activist mother, Lidia Kovalenko, on July 8, the police provoked the delay: he waited to go home and do not let the entrance, until he reached the control time.

According to Sergei Kovalenko, in the last two months he had three times zatrymalivali on frivolous reasons, including and allegedly for disorderly conduct. The activist said that the police just get a job "isolate" him at the time of events in Vitebsk. Therefore, the detention took place on the eve of Victory Day, City Day, Independence Day.

By the way, the first time the fact of unjustified detention of the City Day on June 25th, Sergei Kovalenko managed to challenge on July 16 on the First District Court. Judge Victor Kalbun activist acquitted, but before Sergei Kovalenko still had two days to serve in a temporary detention — just those two days, while in the city were the festivities.



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